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How can I report bugs with or request features for the Stack Exchange mobile apps?

I'm using the official Stack Exchange mobile app for iOS or Android, and My app crashed! It doesn't look good on my new smartphone. It won't run after I updated my device. I noticed another bug. I ...
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Will the Android app be receiving any future updates? [duplicate]

Will there be a new version of the Android app? It's been without any update for a long time and it doesn't seem to be working really well.
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Android app not showing "Feed" [duplicate]

The Android app is failing to load the feed. Individual site question lists work fine along with questions but the feed just shows white and on a pull to refresh it shows a red popup error saying it ...
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A problem in the Stack Exchange app [duplicate]

For the past few days, when I click on the notification icon in the Stack Exchange Android app, it is closing suddenly. So to view any notification regarding my post/comments, I need to go the ...
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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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The Follow Questions and Answers feature is now live across the Network

We are happy to announce that the previously announced follow question and answer feature is now live across the Network, including Stack Overflow, all Stack Exchange sites, and all Meta sites. (...
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What are the permissions the Android app needs?

The Android app just prompted for an update and it shows that it needs a new permission to see phone call stuff. Why would that be necessary for this app? What other permissions does the app require, ...
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Are more mobile app review or moderation features coming? [duplicate]

This is a little bit of a double-question. Is the mobile app for Stack Exchange (in particular for iOS) still being developed? Is there any hope for adding in advanced features for the various review/...
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Do Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange sites have an app I can use?

I like using Stack Overflow (or any other Stack Exchange sites) and was wondering if there was an app I could install on my phone or other device that would allow me to use the site on-the-go or ...
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Stack Exchange app iPhone X optimization

The Stack Exchange app doesn’t look very good on Apple’s brand new flagship phone yet. Also the app can’t identify the device model either. (Says Unknown (iPhone 10,3)) App Version: Device: ...
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Remove Stack Exchange mobile app download buttons from emails

Why are the Stack Exchange mobile app download buttons still appearing in emails? This screenshot: Confirms that. These two posts all say that the Stack Exchange mobile app is no longer supported, ...
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Open sourcing Stack Exchange Android App [duplicate]

There are many feature requests for the Android app. I asked for like 4 features and others have asked for more features that aren't added yet. I know that the developers team might be busy fixing ...
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Android app intermittently shows blank body in questions and answers (multiple sites)

Note: the bug has returned in version 1.0.89 in a somewhat different form. See: Blank questions and answers This possible bug report is similar to the bug in Answer has text now that was deemed not-...
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How does one report a bug for Stack Exchange Android app? [duplicate]

Is there a guide on how to file a bug report for Stack Exchange app, specifically for its Android app? Sometimes even if a user can reproduce an error it doesn't mean other users can reproduce it ...
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Should mobile app questions be closed now that the apps are officially retired?

Today, Yaakov Ellis, a Stack Exchange staff member, stated in response to an app bug report that, We are not providing any further support for the mobile apps. There will not be any more builds ...
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