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Firing mods and forced relicensing: is Stack Exchange still interested in cooperating with the community?

The last weeks and days have seen some erratic behaviour by Stack Exchange Inc., such as likely illegal changes to the content license and the firing of an upstanding community moderator with no ...
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The company’s commitment to rebuilding the relationship with you, our community

My name is Teresa Dietrich. About a month ago, I joined Stack Overflow as Head of Product and Community, reporting directly to the CEO. During my years as an engineer and technology leader, I saw the ...
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Firing Community Managers: Stack Exchange is not interested in cooperating with the community, is it?

Less than a month ago, there was some settling of the incident with firing Monica. It's obvious that there was not a lot of approval from the community on the course of action chosen by SE, or the ...
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How long can Moderator Resignation notices be featured?

How long are moderator resignation posts allowed to be featured in the sidebars of our sites?
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Checking in with moderators that suspended their activity

As of December 24th, 2019, there seem to be maybe 24 moderators who suspended activity and are still in that state as a result of the ongoing fiasco centered around SE's firing of Monica Cellio. ...
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A big thank you, Tim Post

As you may have seen, this was Tim Post’s last week at Stack Overflow. To say that he has been a staple of this company for a very long time is an understatement. Tim has served as a community manager,...
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Does Victoria Taylor's firing from Reddit in 2015 seem similar to recent events? What can Stack Exchange learn from it?

Victoria Taylor was fired from Reddit in 2015; her story shares some similarities with Shog9 and Robert Cartaino's firing from Stack Exchange. Maybe there's some lessons to be learned, so I list some ...
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Please open up hiring Community Manager positions to experienced members of the community

There have been some recent hirings for new Community Managers and the Community Team in general recently, including Ayo and Rosie, which is great! The CM team has been severely understaffed for years ...
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Is "Stack Gives Back" for 2019 going to happen?

Recognizing that I resigned right before the questionnaire should have gone out for Moderators to choose their charity, so I wouldn't have likely been asked to take part; I haven't heard anything ...
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Shog9 and Robert Cartaino are still listed as moderators in Area 51 Discussion

Based on the posts Thank you, Shog9 and Thank You, Robert Cartaino, they no longer work for Stack Exchange, and their moderator access was revoked from all the Stack Exchange sites. However, when I ...
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Could Stack Exchange sites be shut down because of recent events?

Is there a possibility that recent high tensions between moderators and Stack Exchange managers will result in the shutdown of a number of Stack Exchange sites?
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When can someone show gratitude on this site for things a person has done (not necessarily on this site)?

I have read this question. It doesn't seem like a question to me; it looks more like a comment one can put below questions and answers. I thought one should avoid comments (assuming this question is ...
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Thank you, Tim Post [duplicate] Tomorrow is my last day at @StackOverflow. I can't begin to say how grateful I am to everyone that made the last (almost) 8 years of my career ...
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What is "Community" in the Stack Exchange/Stack Overflow context?

I've been reading a bunch of messages from assorted staff. Some internal, such as on Meta, some in the company blog and other annoncements, and some on media releases. Most from the CEO, or C-level ...
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Does the Stack Exchange network claim to have a site for every possible topic?

I wonder if network has a site for everything. Or are there topics which are not covered by stackexchange?
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