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The Follow Questions and Answers feature is now live across the Network

We are happy to announce that the previously announced follow question and answer feature is now live across the Network, including Stack Overflow, all Stack Exchange sites, and all Meta sites. (...
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What are the differences between the question and answer follow buttons? [duplicate]

I just realized that the original question has a clickable follow button and also if someone answers a question that has a clickable follow button. If I want to follow the original question, I ...
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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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The Q1 2020 Community Roadmap is on the Blog

I just posted to our blog about our First Quarter Community Roadmap for 2020. Here's a preview of what the roadmap looks for this quarter: Please see the post for details on the different themes of ...
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Adding Favorites to the Stack Exchange global inbox

We're considering adding favorite notifications to the global inbox, and are looking for feedback on the idea (as we're not completely sold on it). But first, some history. Favorites are kind of ...
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Subscribing to questions and comments that don't belong to you

There has been some discussion about getting notified on comments to questions or answers that don't belong to you, and the long-standing wish to be able to keep track of new answers or developments ...
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Community and Moderator guidelines for escalating issues via new response process (March-April 2020)

Last week I posted the company’s commitment to responding to Meta and the Moderators here. If you haven’t read it yet, doing so before reading this one is recommended, since it gives a higher-level ...
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What events trigger an inbox notification?

The global inbox was once introduced because it became hard "to keep track of all your questions, answers, and comments across every site you participated on". The small red number tells ...
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Can there be an option to keep your list of bookmarks private?

Browsing through meta I see several questions and comments where people ask for their list of bookmarks to be private {1} {2} {3} {4} {5} {6} {7}. There is a discussion (where I posted an answer) but ...
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What's the difference between "bookmarking" and "following" a post?

Now that following posts (see also the prior announcement) is possible, I feel like this needs a canonical answer: Question: What's the difference between "bookmarking" (formerly "...
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(How) is the covid-19 situation affecting the 1Q20 timeline/roadmap?

The Q1 2020 Community Roadmap is on the Blog gave a dense timeline, with plenty of actions planned by SE Inc. to happen in March 2020. That post was written 20 days ago, and for many people (at least ...
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Please don't inbox notify me that I asked a Meta question on the site where I moderate

♦ moderators have a separate 'inbox' which contains notifications about moderator messages but also new questions on the child meta site. According to Please don't inbox notify me that I ...
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How can I get a notification when someone else's question is reopened?

Does a feature like this exist? A question has been closed, because the user must write it in a better way. I have already an answer for it, and it would be great to have an alert/notification when it ...
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Could we have better notifications for questions in which we participated?

I have been using Stack Overflow every day for the past 8 years (I mean, actually every single day), and I still feel I know very little about what happened to the questions I contributed to. The ...
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Introducing the possibility of creating folders in favorites section [duplicate]

I tried to see if it is possible to create folders in the section of favorites, to organise the related question in different topics. Personally I have saved different questions because I still can't ...
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