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Stack Overflow in Read Only mode for past 2 days [closed]

I posted a question yesteday. Output characters to Word document with different formatting for each character When I tried to edit it I was told that Stack Overflow is in read only mode. It is still ...
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How am I supposed to report an obviously incorrect answer if I can't downvote, comment, or flag?

I saw an answer to a question which completely misinterpreted it and does something completely different; it is also very short and lacks explanation. What am I supposed to do with one reputation only,...
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How do I stop the "follow" prompt from appearing on every single page?

Recently this new (to me?) button appeared, I assumed I would see it once and when I dismissed it that would be that. Instead it appears on every single page I've visited for the last few days - it's ...
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New Focus Styles & Updated Styling for Button Groups

New Focus Styles We’ve released a design update to focus styles across the many components within our design system and as well as a new design for our button group component. See more details on how ...
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Cloudflare protection is triggering on Stack Overflow authentication API routes

The Stack Overflow OAuth endpoints ( and have started responding to requests from the server I run my ...
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Do bad-quality questions on the front page actually impact the company?

I've been seeing a lot more bad-quality posts across the network, a lot of which goes undeleted. (Most of these questions should be on SO.) I know this is because of the strike. How is this actually ...
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Cannot log in to Area 51 (so cannot ask this in its Discussion Zone)

I have an Area 51 account1: But I cannot log in: The option to sign up does not work either: The option to join this community starts off okay and picks up my email (which I have not screen-shot) ...
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We're regenerating all Gravatar identicons

We've recently discovered a vulnerability in our identicon generation process. To remedy it, we have changed how we approach generating them and regenerated all identicons. We do not have any ...
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If I vote to close a question, am I notified if the OP updates the question? [duplicate]

Suppose that I have the privilege to vote to close a question on some Stack Exchange site. Suppose further that I encounter a mediocrely-written question and vote to close it. If the OP updates the ...
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Guidance for "me too"ers (answerers / commenters and upvoters)

On Web Applications SE we have a lot of short questions that get lots of views and "a lot" of "me too" or alike answers, comments and upvotes. Regarding me too upvotes, from ...
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How do you find out how many members are following your post?

Is there a way of knowing how many members subscribe to a post's updates? I understand it's called "following": You can follow any question or answer (that you did not author) by clicking ...
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Make active bookmarks visible again in the profile

I don't do much curation these days, and I didn't have much use of bookmarks, but there was one specific area where these two intersected. I had a handful of high-profile Stack Overflow posts ...
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Bookmarks have evolved into Saves

Update Oct 6 Maintenance is complete: all bookmarks have been migrated to Saves across all network sites, including Stack Overflow. All saves, saved lists, private notes, and bookmarks are now ...
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How can I resolve the "oops! this isn't a link to a valid profile" error in the contact form?

When trying to make an account merge request at, I always get this error: oops! this isn't a link to a valid profile But the URL link I put in the form is ...
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Approved edit to answer or question should generate an email notification, by default

On Ethereum Stack Exchange, I recently proposed an edit to an answer. Since I don't have enough reputation there yet, that edit needed approval. My edit was approved two days later, and I got no email ...
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