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Was there a brief system glitch which caused some questions to be posted twice? [duplicate]

On Math SE, I saw there were 2 questions from 2 different users which were both repeated about a minute apart from each other, interlaced among each other, as shown below: In case anybody wishes to ...
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Why did posting once end up with two posts? [duplicate]

I posted a question on a stack exchange site. It ended up with two identical posts. After typing the post in the edit box, I don't think I hit the post button twice. Even if I hit the post button ...
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Two identical questions - how is it possible? [duplicate]

I encountered today two exactly identical questions posted at the same time: error when setting -genome_size for windowmasker error when setting -genome_size for windowmasker I was under the ...
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Question posted twice despite following the question posting process only once [duplicate]

I followed the question posting process, and at the end saw that it posted 2 questions: Does any tendon in humans receive a high amount of blood supply? Or is the property of not receiving a large ...
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How did these duplicate questions occur? [duplicate]

A user managed to post two copies of the question at the same time. Hi, I'm getting this error MySQLdb._exceptions.ProgrammingError: not enough arguments for format string Hi, I'm getting this ...
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What are the badges I can earn on each site, and what are the exact criteria for earning each badge?

Formerly List of all badges with full descriptions. What are badge name's requirements? Why didn't I get badge name (right now)? Which badges can I earn multiple times? Jump to: Question Badges ...
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What would you like to change about the moderator election process?

Update – February 13th, 2024 Thank you to everyone who provided feedback and expressed their interest in joining the working group. The selection has been made, and those individuals have been invited....
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The Complete Rate-Limiting Guide

I noticed that I can only perform certain actions such as commenting a finite number of times in a given period of time. Obviously, rate limiting is in place to prevent accidental misuse or ...
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Double booked - User bookmarking question recorded twice

In this user's profile (bookmarks) one user is shown as having bookmarked this question twice: This doesn't appear to be the same question as: Was there a brief system glitch which caused some ...
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Clicking on a spoiler incorrectly removes the gray background

As of the recent CSS update to quote markup and spoilers, quotes no longer have a colored background, while spoilers do: This is a quote. and When the spoiler is merely hovered over, the gray ...
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Is a refusal to disassociate deleted posts in compliance with the CC BY-SA license? [closed]

I asked Stack Exchange staff to remove attribution on some of my deleted answers. They suggested I delete my account to remove attribution. I have asked them if they will restore attribution on other ...
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Hot Network Question is macabre. What are the standards for Hot Network Questions? [duplicate]

Not sure how I report/flag a "hot network question" or even if I have the reputation to. However, the "Husband stepped on cats head now she hates him" question is on the "Hot Network Questions" ...
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Who benefits from certain ads targetting open source projects?

I know how affiliate marketing works (though not an expert) but I can't comprehend in certain cases, where is the benefit of the ads (as in, who benefit from it?) when they relate to an open source ...
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Prevent comment duplication

Possibly due to an internet connection problem I posted a couple of comments with the same content. Staff can check it here. The latter one was already deleted by me. My proposal is to check the ...
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Why was I able to post two identical answers to the same question 6 seconds apart?

Earlier today, I answered this question on Law.SE. When I posted my answer, I received a maintenance error page. Assuming that my post had failed, I refreshed the page to resubmit it, and was ...
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