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Are more mobile app review or moderation features coming? [duplicate]

This is a little bit of a double-question. Is the mobile app for Stack Exchange (in particular for iOS) still being developed? Is there any hope for adding in advanced features for the various review/...
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Will Area 51 be supported in the app? [duplicate]

Will Area 51 be supported on the Android App in the future? I visit A51 rather frequently and I would like to see it in the App.
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Q&A blank in Stack Exchange Android app v1.0.95 - S10e/Android 10 [duplicate]

Recently upgraded to a Samsung S10e and Android 10, but all Q&A in the Stack Exchange app v1.0.95 are blank. The title and comments are visible, but question/answer posts are just white space. ...
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Please add diamond flag handling to the iOS app [duplicate]

The iOS app is great, but I can't use it to perform diamond functions like handle flags. I would love to have a table view of all the flags on my site, with the buttons we currently have in the normal ...
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How does one report a bug for Stack Exchange Android app? [duplicate]

Is there a guide on how to file a bug report for Stack Exchange app, specifically for its Android app? Sometimes even if a user can reproduce an error it doesn't mean other users can reproduce it ...
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Stackoverflow iPhone App [duplicate]

When is there going to be a stackoverflow iphone app? (This can be built for stackexchange sites as well) I know I would use it! If it already exists let me know where to find it!
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Is there any point to posting app bug reports? [duplicate]

I've discovered some bugs regarding the SE iOS app but recently learned that there are no active personnel on the development team for the apps. If this is the case, is there any reason to post bug ...
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Are the review queues planned for the iOS app? [duplicate]

I enjoy reviewing on SO, is it currently possible to review on the iOS app? If not, is it planned to be implemented?
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Add review queues to Android app [duplicate]

I know there are some similar posts on adding review queues to the mobile web page. However, this is regarding the Stack Exchange Android app. I really would like to review posts and edits from the ...
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Questions with a score of -1000 and lower are not rounded in the iOS app [duplicate]

Questions with a score of 1000 or higher are rounded, e.g. 1380 becomes 1.4k. This doesn't happen for questions with score of -1000 or lower, resulting in a very small text (it's readable in the ...
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Screen goes white when posting a comment [duplicate]

Since iOS 11.2 all the way through 12.2 beta 4, if you post or discard a comment on any post on any SE community, the screen will turn white. This has been ongoing continuously for a year now, and it ...
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Comments that are just a link are non-deletable on mobile [duplicate]

On the Stack Exchange iPhone app, to bring up the small menu beneath a comment with delete, reply, etc., we touch an area of text within the comment (touching a name or link will navigate to the ...
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Sign In with Apple will be required in the Stack Exchange iOS app [duplicate]

This is just a heads up to the people working on the iOS Stack Exchange app that a Sign In With Apple button will be required to be next to the Facebook and Google login buttons. From Updates to the ...
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The Crouton library is deprecated [duplicate]

The developer of Crouton suggests switching to Snackbars from the Android Design Support Library. This would be a good time to update the app and the dependencies with it. For those who weren't aware, ...
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'Enter' is instantly submitting questions and answers on Android [duplicate]

How are you supposed to to start a new paragraph or line break on here using a basic keyboard? Or maybe I should ask "What's the preferred method?", as using the normal button (Enter) will post a ...
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