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FAQ for Stack Exchange sites

Community FAQ For sites in the Stack Exchange 2.0 network To see a list of commonly used words and phrases, see the glossary. For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Asking ...
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Make the mobile apps open source!

As the mobile apps aren't maintained anymore, and won't be in the future, many users are waiting for bug fixes or new form factors to be supported. If the SE development team is too busy with other ...
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Why did the Stack Exchange Android app disappear from Google Play Store?

Stack Exchange developed two mobile apps: Stack Exchange app and Stack Overflow app. The Stack Overflow app has been delisted for a while from the respective store: What happened to the Stack ...
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Updated: Mobile app infrastructure has been decommissioned

Update #2 One last final update before we close the loop on this indefinitely. When we announced this, we were intentionally vague about why the remaining mobile infrastructure was being ...
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Add chat rooms for Android app [closed]

Being able to join chat rooms from the Android app would be a plus! It would truly make us connected on the go, instead of having to sit down at our desks and open a browser window. This will allow ...
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Add review queues to Android app [duplicate]

I know there are some similar posts on adding review queues to the mobile web page. However, this is regarding the Stack Exchange Android app. I really would like to review posts and edits from the ...
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Screen goes white when posting a comment [duplicate]

Since iOS 11.2 all the way through 12.2 beta 4, if you post or discard a comment on any post on any SE community, the screen will turn white. This has been ongoing continuously for a year now, and it ...
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Do Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange sites have an app I can use?

I like using Stack Overflow (or any other Stack Exchange sites) and was wondering if there was an app I could install on my phone or other device that would allow me to use the site on-the-go or ...
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Are more mobile app review or moderation features coming? [duplicate]

This is a little bit of a double-question. Is the mobile app for Stack Exchange (in particular for iOS) still being developed? Is there any hope for adding in advanced features for the various review/...
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Are the review queues planned for the iOS app? [duplicate]

I enjoy reviewing on SO, is it currently possible to review on the iOS app? If not, is it planned to be implemented?
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iOS Mobile App - Push notifications down from May 25 - June 4

Update 2020-06-02: This has been resolved. We were able to recover our account, renew certificates, and push notifications should be working as expected. Push notifications will be down on the iOS SE ...
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Should mobile app questions be closed now that the apps are officially retired?

Today, Yaakov Ellis, a Stack Exchange staff member, stated in response to an app bug report that, We are not providing any further support for the mobile apps. There will not be any more builds ...
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Stack Exchange iOS app nearing beta [closed]

We're getting very close to releasing our iOS app on the App Store. Since the beginning of our private alpha, we have taken on hundreds of users, fixed a lot of bugs, and we have approached feature ...
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Will Area 51 be supported in the app? [duplicate]

Will Area 51 be supported on the Android App in the future? I visit A51 rather frequently and I would like to see it in the App.
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Remove Stack Exchange mobile app download buttons from emails

Why are the Stack Exchange mobile app download buttons still appearing in emails? This screenshot: Confirms that. These two posts all say that the Stack Exchange mobile app is no longer supported, ...
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