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Is there an expected duration of the status-review stage? [duplicate]

The tag info page for the status-review tag states: Indicates that the circumstances behind a bug report are set to be internally reviewed, or that the feature request contains merit to consider but ...
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What determines the priority of feature requests? [duplicate]

Is there a "feature request triage team"? What do they consider? Does a more recent feature request get more prominence? Do more votes make a feature more likely to be considered? Is a ...
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Opt-in alpha test for a new Stacks editor

TL;DR: We are testing our new open source Stacks editor that offers both Markdown and rich text input options. If you’re interested in testing it out and giving us feedback, you can opt in by visiting ...
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Visual design changes to the review queues

The Public Platform team would like to announce another release in a series of planned work for the Review queues. This release focuses on refreshing the queue user interface in preparation for ...
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Bookmarks have evolved into Saves

Update Oct 6 Maintenance is complete: all bookmarks have been migrated to Saves across all network sites, including Stack Overflow. All saves, saved lists, private notes, and bookmarks are now ...
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Help us identify new roles for community members

Update 2 (March 6, 23) We made a shortlist of the most promising suggestions from the answers provided, and we then shared our findings with Philippe Beaudette, our VP of Community. After some ...
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Announcing the Stacks Editor Beta release!

TL;DR: The Stacks Editor Beta release rolled out on July 5, 2022! To see what we've been working on, what we are working on, and what we plan to work on, check out the Stacks Editor repo on GitHub. ...
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Testing three-vote close and reopen on 13 network sites

Test is live! The 13 sites below have their votes to close set at 3. I've also reduced the votes needed for migrations to 2 (down from 3). Almost two years ago I ran a test for single vote closure/...
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Our Commitment to Responding to Meta and Moderators

As Teresa mentioned in our Q1 roadmap blog post, the company is working on establishing our commitment to responding on our Meta sites and to our moderators, by setting up a new Meta engagement policy....
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What's one thing that you wish we remembered?

Twice this week, I heard some permutation on the phrase "if only [they (mods, staff)] knew that we...." In the first case, it was "if only the staff knew how much time we spend on sock ...
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The new ask page is now live on the network!

After rolling it out to the International Stack Overflow sites last week, we're rolling out the new ask page to the whole network today. The new page was designed with the goal of helping new askers ...
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How might the Staging Ground & the new Ask Wizard work on the Stack Exchange network?

We have been working for some time now researching ways to improve the new user onboarding process while also addressing issues with question quality from new question askers. Based on our user ...
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Improving the Review Queues - Project overview

As part of our Q2 roadmap, the Community Product team is working towards improving Review Queues. This project is still in the early stages of discovery. In addition to user research interviews, we ...
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Sites can now request to enable a banner to warn about their policy on AI-generated content

February 22, 2024 Update The help center articles have been rolled out network-wide. See revision 15 of the February 7th post for more details. If you're interested in enabling one of these banners on ...
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Meta escalation/response process update (March-April 2020 test results, next steps)

In the beginning of March, I shared a process by which posts that need staff attention could get escalated, and a plan to test it out between March 16 and April 30, 2020. As promised on that post’s ...
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