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Careers 2.0 Featured Listing: Web company needs successor for retiring unicorns

You know what day is coming up, right? Just to get you up to speed: Stack Overflow's first April Fool's day came with glitter, cornify buttons, lots of pink, and Comic Sans. Last year, all user ...
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What third-party tools are there for the trilogy websites?

What third-party tools, plugins, addons, widgets are there for the trilogy websites? Return to FAQ index
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I do not feel like I am "winning" when I am voting

Today I worked hard to reach the vote cap on meta. You see, I happen to know that at 30 votes I get a new wonderful message. I was totally amped-up to get it, and set out on the adventure. So I ...
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What's the etiquette on downvoting every wrong answer to a given question?

This question on SO elicited a host of answers which missed a basic point - the OP was asking about integer math with overflow. Fortunately, someone answered correctly, and I upvoted that answer. ...
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Autovoting algorithm

I have given the SO engine a year and half worth of my opinion. Upvotes, downvotes, it's become so banal. I'm tired of expressing my opinion. I feel like those old guys in the balcony of the muppet ...
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Meta-SO Community: Please stop down-voting legitimate questions [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Meta FAQ page should include more verbiage about downvotes. Why do people take downvoting on meta so personally Why are downvotes different on meta? Downvoting on Meta ...
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How to vent on Stack Overflow without resorting to personal attacks of character

Sometimes voting down an answer or question just isn't satisfying enough psychologically. One feels the urge to annihilate and destroy with prejudice. However, there is no need for personal attacks on ...
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Reputation should be the new Chuck E. Cheese tickets! [closed]

We all loved Chuck E. Cheeses as a kid. Lots of games, a big weird looking mouse, PIZZA, and the coolest part! Tickets == Prizes! Well, since we've grown up we haven't had that kinda enjoyment. I ...
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World of Sta[ck]Craft! [closed]

I have a feeling Stack Exchange sites are appealing to the role-playing gamer sides of its users. If you look at reputation, it's similar to XP earned in RPG games like World of Warcraft, Garena, ...
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Should third party tools thread link be added to the FAQ?

I don't know how many users of the SO Trilogy follow Meta to stay up to date, ask and talk about SO; not many, I guess. In my opinion, a direct link to Third party tools list link should be added ...
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Stack overflow needs moar bling

I like voting and I like bling! How can I get some bling in my voting???
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