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Recent Reputation History Changes

Update (March, 2012): This has been rolled out to all sites in the network except Area 51. Behind the scenes we've been hard at work making some changes to how we track reputation. Here are some of ...
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Should the weight of downvotes be increased?

When we started Stack Overflow, we wanted to make sure that downvotes were more of a visual and psychological motivator than a punitive action. That's why upvotes are +10 downvotes are -2, and cost ...
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How do I audit my reputation?

If I am concerned that my reputation score is incorrect, how can I audit it, or get a report of a detailed breakdown of my reputation? Return to FAQ index
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Self-instigated rep recalc [closed]

In a few situations, it's nice to be able to get a rep recalc "on demand." In the past, I've simply pinged Marc Gravell about this, but it would be good not to have to bother him. As an example, this ...
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How often is reputation recalculated?

Saw a comment in the question about increasing the cost/effect of downvotes on reputation that rep recalc is irrelevant because, in their words, it will "only happen 2-3 times in a lifetime." I was ...
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Recalculate reputation for everyone involved in a question being deleted

I'm really getting frustrated seeing endless dupes of common questions being posted, high reputation users replying and getting voted up, and then the question is closed for the obvious clutter that ...
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Revisit "Diamond mods can handle it" feature requests

There are lots of feature requests that end up in the "Diamond mods can handle it" and "It's not a problem yet, so let's not make a change until it is a problem" piles. I suspect that these may need ...
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Is there a way to determine how I just lost 300 reputation on Stack Overflow?

Yesterday I had a little over 1,500 reputation on SO. Today I have a little over 1,200. The reputation tab on my profile does not indicate any mass down voting of my questions or answers. I haven't ...
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What could cause this massive drop in reputation?

I was just browsing through a user's reputation history (45243) and noticed that there is a massive drop in reputation there, all for one question (-452 rep). How does this happen - did he really get ...
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Sudden drop in reputation for no apparent reason in SO

users/165297/amarghosh Yesterday night (Friday - I'm in India, so it is UTC + 5:30) I had a little above 4000 reputation points. Today morning I was surprised to find it to be 4200 something - ...
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I just lost 286 rep points. Why?

So, I login today and notice that I have gone from 11,481 down to 11,195. I don;t see how this could have happened through the voting system. I know that another member was annoyed when I corrected ...
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About voting and reputation

I was playing around trying to see what triggers rep changes gosub 1. I know that there is a /reputation page, and Nick has reiterated many times that triggering a recalc is expensive (always ...
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Transferred question = invisible rep? [duplicate]

So, I answered a question on SO that was somewhat popular; my answer got quite a few upvotes. However, the question got deleted; now my recent activity -> reputation doesn't show anything for that, ...
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