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Winter Bash 2020 hat list 👒 🎩

Winter Bash 2020 has started and the hats (and masks) are listed below. As always, there are only two answers: one for the secret hats, and one for the regular hats. The secret hat list will be ...
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Let's check in on Sparkles the Unicorn!

After two eventful years, Sparkles the Unicorn is determined to spend this year's holidays relaxing at home. I bet she'd love to see her friends. Why don't you /visit-sparkles and see how she's doing? ...
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A Yaakov Ellis-inspired Meta.SE poetry contest: Write poems, win rep!

Update July 9, 2020 Submissions are now closed. Thanks everyone who participated; the bounties will be awarded soon! Yaakov Ellis Posting answers as haikus Poetry contest I'm sure that at least some ...
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Oh no! Can you find our unicorn? (Note: event has ended)

Once again, Sparkles the /unicorn seems to have gotten herself in a whole heap of trouble. This time she appears to have been kidnapped! oh where, oh where has my unicorn gone? oh where oh where can ...
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Hat Dash White Hat Hall of Fame and Leaderboard Refresh

A few days ago, I solicited help on finding ways to prevent (or at least make it harder) for folks to cheat at Hat Dash. I would like to give a shout out to all users who have helped thus far - you ...
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Why is Winter Bash 2020 participation so high?

It may be the eye of the beholder, but Winter Bash 2020 seems to be much more popular than years before. Some evidence for this can be found in SEDE; I've tried to display the progress of some values ...
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The Winter Bash 2020 has ended. What are your thoughts?

I will share my thoughts first. I think the hat dash and the Defender of the Unicorn were fun games. Here are some comments of them: Hat Dash Defender of the Unicorn About Rules similar to Chrome T-...
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The Rescue of The Winter Unicorn Of The Bash

One year had passed since their last meeting and the yellow pony was waiting near the pool for the unicorn to appear again. Long they waited, playing with the snow on-off switch. Winter, Summer, Hot, ...
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Has there ever been a picture of Sparkles the Unicorn?

I'm wondering if there has ever been a photo of Sparkles the Unicorn on Winter Bash. Also, is there a particular reason that the Sparkles-related pages aren't formatted in Winter Bash style?
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🦄 Winter Bash 2020: The return of the unicorn

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Yaakov had to single-handedly save a Winter Event. With so little time and so little budget, he reused the previous year's assets and managed to save the ...
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Will the "Defender of the Unicorn" hat lead to lots of pointless noise in meta? [closed]

Obviously I’m asking this because as I’m seeking the "Defender of the Unicorn" hat but it also raises the question, are hats like this just going to end up causing extra noise in the meta ...
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