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We're switching to CommonMark

I’m Ham and I’m a developer on the Teams team here at Stack Overflow. Over the past few months, I’ve been heads down working on the way we turn Markdown into HTML when writing and editing posts across ...
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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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An Update On Creative Commons Licensing

We’d like to provide you with an update to our transition to version 4.0 of the CC BY-SA license. We realize that this is something that you care deeply about, and that our response to your concerns ...
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Creative Commons Licensing UI and Data Updates

When we last updated you to clarify concerns and answer questions about our transition to version 4.0 of the CC BY-SA license we committed to posting updates to the UI and addressing unanswered ...
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Introducing the Moderator Council - and its first, pro-tempore, representatives

When I was a moderator, I often referred to moderation on Stack Exchange as being a janitor: cleaning up spam, deleting non-answers, removing rudeness, and eradicating a seemingly-endless stream of ...
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Responding to the Lavender Letter and commitments moving forward

I want to start by acknowledging the hurt and exhaustion that the members of the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies have experienced in our community as moderators and users. We have read the ...
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Improved experience for users with review suspensions

This post details the first in a series of releases related to the ongoing work on Review Queues. It focuses on changes to the ways in which users who have been suspended from reviewing are notified ...
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How could we improve our planned post notice improvements?

Megan has written a post on the Stack Overflow blog about changes that are planned/upcoming on the Stack Exchange platform. I've seen a bunch of discussion about it on chat - but it feels like having ...
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What data about meta has eluded Stack Exchange until recently?

In the recent blog post there is the following paragraph (emphasis mine): Opinions and feelings about the best way forward are extremely valid things to consider, but the devil is in the details ...
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The new ask page is now live on the network!

After rolling it out to the International Stack Overflow sites last week, we're rolling out the new ask page to the whole network today. The new page was designed with the goal of helping new askers ...
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I'm stepping down as a meta moderator — in response to recent actions by the company

One of my goals as a meta moderator has always been to try to nudge the company in the right direction and to try to help keep ties between the company and community strong. I've pushed for a good ...
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Winter Bash 2020 hat list 👒 🎩

Winter Bash 2020 has started and the hats (and masks) are listed below. As always, there are only two answers: one for the secret hats, and one for the regular hats. The secret hat list will be ...
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Stack Overflow 2020 Q1&2 Company Commitments Report Card

Five months ago, Teresa Dietrich posted an introduction and a mission statement of sorts, laying out some admissions of past failures, and intentions for the new year. This was followed by two ...
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MSE Feedback post: Feedback on Q1 2021 Community and Public Platform Roadmap

I just posted to our blog about our The Loop: Our Community & Public Platform strategy & roadmap for Q1 2021. Please see the post for details on the projects that our Community and Public ...
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What will be Teresa Dietrich's new role at Stack Overflow?

It was announced today that Teresa Dietrich will be joining Stack Overflow as a Chief Product Officer. When reading the website, there seems to be little to no information regarding this function. ...
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