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downvoting on ethical grounds [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Technically valid answers that raise questions of morality How far should we go in judging question ethics? What does everyone think about a downvote for a question ...
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Is it appropriate to comment on people's accept rate? [closed]

I've seen a lot of comments on SO, of the kind (paraphrasing brutally): (on questions) if you start accepting some answers, I might deign to post a reply (on answers) good answer, but perhaps too ...
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Dealing with questions of nefarious intent

How should we treat questions that are, or have seeds of, evil or malicious purposes and actions, such as writing spambots and malware? Should they be answered like regular "everybody keeps their ...
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Is there a policy on dangerous answers?

I have a pretty active discussion on SO right now, about giving an answer, that could potentially harm the questioner. The question is Do I need to encode/decode query parameters between an ajax ...
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Is it okay to discuss poor security practices?

I have experienced people actively hindering or flaming people who want to make public or discuss techniques that can break good security habits or schemes of languages, software or operating systems. ...
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Are we comfortable with this kind of content? [closed]

I saw this in the list of hot newtwork questions. I get that they are quoting scriptures, but still, there is no context in that page for anybody who reaches it using google that this is not actual ...
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Close questions based on moral objections?

Sparked by this question: Which should have been moved to a different SE site (ServerFault or SuperUser), but seemed ...
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Flagging answers featuring exploits?

I recently flagged one of the answers in the "late answers" checking? OP: Force downloads on an iphone and add it to the user library. You can use exploit A with version 1.2.3 and you can use ...
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"Is it possible?", versus "Is it a good idea to try?"

On StackOverflow, I just found an answer that is really crossing the streams. It's very clever, and demonstrates an excellent and valuable sideways-thinking approach to tackling a problem. The ...
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How do I discourage bad programming practice in SO questions?

This question can apply to any computer language, but my example is C++. Many questions (quite helpfully) supply sample code (which I can paste into an IDE and try), but use using namespace std; ...
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Votes based on opinion, not correct answer

This may be more of a rant, but hoping it sparks a discussion. This may be related to this question, but I'm wondering what people think about questions that contain "questionable" ethical material ...
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How can we appropriately discourage the use of scanf(), gets() in the c tags [closed]

Almost all the code I see with c tags in questions uses gets() or scanf(). It's okay that new c coders get their input from stdin that way. But when someone fixes his code, in my opinion, he should ...
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When to give risky information [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there a policy on dangerous answers? I sometimes see questions where people are asking how to do something that someone who knows better knows not to do (this question is ...
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Is it okay to ask questions on the Stack Exchange network that pertain to console modding and homebrew?

I'm currently trying to mod an original Xbox, and I'm running into some trouble with the specialized bootable distro of Linux that I need to use to do so. Despite spending several hours on Google, ...
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