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Why do some parts of the standard theme use different fonts than the rest of the site?

We've been asked why different parts of the responsive design site theme have noticably different fonts on some sites: As you can see, the logo and the question titles are in a serif font and ...
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Moderator diamond is too large relative to other text on Android

This is very painful to look at. We understand appearances are everything, but there's no need to exaggerate. Could you please bring them back down to regular size? It also throws off the formatting ...
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Add the font changes as options in our preferences

Recently, SE switched to system fonts which, for many users, has caused a design problem that affects the readability and accessibility. The new fonts seem to complement only certain browsers and ...
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Bottom of badges is cut off in communities list on hover

It seems the bottom of badges are cut off in the communities list of the user profile when you hover over it. See the screenshot There have been a few posts similar to this years ago, but this was ...
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Change font style Markdown

Is there a way to change the font family on Markdown? Specifically, for the code and regular text. I've seen this feature in Markdown editors and viewers, but I'm not sure if it can be exported.
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Ransom-note problems with IPA and Greek under new font stacks

When you stitch together letters from multiple typefaces, your text begins to resemble a ransom note that pastes together cut-outs from different newspapers and magazines:                             ...
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Is the "Segoe UI" font reverted on Windows OS?

Until yesterday I saw that the "Segoe UI" font was used on Meta Stack Exchange due to the recent font change: We are switching to system fonts on May 10, 2021. But now I can see "Arial&...
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Descenders are clipped with new fonts

With the new font change today, descenders are clipped in edit boxes in Chrome, Windows 10. The letters I've typed into the search and title boxes are are g and q (in that order), which look nearly ...
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Why did the SE team unfeature the recent announcement about font changes?

I noticed that this post about the change of fonts was once featured in Meta, but now, it seems that it is no longer featured. How long do Meta posts stay featured? I'm not asking about the technical ...
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Unchanging font size, leading, and measure are incompatible with dynamics of responsive design

The new Responsive-Design theme doesn’t work for small viewports — nor for very large ones either! In the new, would-be “responsive” design, the actual font size used does not vary as a function of ...
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The Stack Overflow front page is hard to read now (too little contrast)

For some reason, the front page of Stack Overflow is difficult to read now. There is much less contrast between the text and the white background, which requires that I really concentrate to read the ...
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How can I change the fonts of the code snippets in Stack Overflow back to Consolas?

I've installed the Windows Terminal from Microsoft Store and, together with it, the Cascadia Code font family (mono and code) in my system, but I don't use them. Since then, the snippets on Stack ...
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Code blocks and markup font looks bolder because of Cascadia Mono - is this intentional?

I'm not sure if it's related to the system font change: On the last few days, the font in code blocks and markups (as in the window where I'm writing this question) became bolder on my home PC (left ...
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Vote count minus signs not readable in Segoe UI

The recent UI update which changed Stack Overflow's fonts to system defaults makes negative vote counts very hard to read on Microsoft Windows (in its Segoe UI font): How could Microsoft chose such a ...
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When implementing a major design / workflow change, offer an opt-in beta testing option before release

As we've seen recently with both the updated user profile and homepage designs, it's difficult sometimes to gauge the impact that this will have on users' experience just from screenshots or a video ...
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