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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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Stack Exchange is failing its community

I guess this is very much an intervention. There's a few policies in the pipeline - here's one, and there's another one that's not been officially announced that a good many moderators are opposed to. ...
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Please revert the line-height change!

Just checking how many people feel similar. At least for me, the increased space between lines makes it a nightmare to read. My eyes lack guidance and just feel somehow lost with so much white space. ...
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Deprecating our mobile views

Update 2 On March 2, 2022 we removed the Mobile button from the footer. This means the mobile views are removed entirely from Stack Overflow. Last week, we also removed the Disable Responsiveness ...
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Ch-ch-ch-changes: Left nav, responsive design, & themes

Thanks everyone for your feedback. The team has responded to feedback in the post Left nav, responsive design, and theming next steps . Check it out. Ch-ch-ch-changes are coming. As you've ...
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Please revert the quote background from white to yellow

At some point during the day, quoted background, in I assume CSS, has been switched from yellow to white. This is harder to find within an existing text, since the background color is the same for the ...
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Request for a possibility to adjust the spacing between lines

Update: The line-height in code blocks is almost back to what it was before (it was 1.3 but is now 1.30769231) and the spacing between lines in regular text is now at 1.5 (it was 1.3 before the change)...
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Moderator diamond is too large relative to other text on Android

This is very painful to look at. We understand appearances are everything, but there's no need to exaggerate. Could you please bring them back down to regular size? It also throws off the formatting ...
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Which Stack Exchange sites use MathJax?

As the title says, I could use an exhaustive list of all Stack Exchange sites that use MathJax. If the list included any site-specific customizations made to the MathJax configuration on each site, ...
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What should we be looking to change and what is inviolable?

Updated note (with the original post still below the line)- Thank you, very much, for the time you've spent answering these questions. I learned a ton. In fact, as I've hinted below, I'd like to do ...
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What's the font used in code blocks?

I quite like the look of the font used in the code blocks that appear on Stack Overflow. What, dear listener, is the font face used for such?
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When implementing a major design / workflow change, offer an opt-in beta testing option before release

As we've seen recently with both the updated user profile and homepage designs, it's difficult sometimes to gauge the impact that this will have on users' experience just from screenshots or a video ...
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Add the font changes as options in our preferences

Recently, SE switched to system fonts which, for many users, has caused a design problem that affects the readability and accessibility. The new fonts seem to complement only certain browsers and ...
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New post formatting

Timeline Date What was changed? Sep 23, 2020 It took me longer than I wanted, but I’ve got some updates for you on our s-prose component. You can see the pull request with my thinking over at our ...
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Ransom-note problems with IPA and Greek under new font stacks

When you stitch together letters from multiple typefaces, your text begins to resemble a ransom note that pastes together cut-outs from different newspapers and magazines:                             ...
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