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Reducing the weight of our footer

As you may be aware, we’re deprecating our mobile views, so with that in mind, it would only make sense to try to reduce the page weight in the responsive views that’ll be replacing them. Currently, ...
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Navigation and UI research starting

We’ve been running the site satisfaction survey on Stack Overflow since 2019. Since its creation, the Stack Overflow audience has told us that Stack Overflow’s design is a pain point—stating that the ...
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The site settings section of user preferences is now fully responsive

As of this morning, the following sections of user preferences are now fully responsive: Preferences Flair Applications My logins Hide communities Delete profile If anything looks strange, please ...
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Custom 404 pages are gone :-(

I just realised thanks to DavidW that all sites have just lost their custom 404 pages, see here for example: They're the same across the entire network now, without the fun site customisations. Only ...
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Please don't completely remove the mobile website, for the benefit of users on slow connections

A Stack Exchange employee just said the following regarding the mobile site: We are actively working on the responsive design that works on both desktop and mobile, based on screen size. Once that is ...
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We’ve removed the option to disable the fixed top bar

We’ve removed the option to disable the fixed top bar. We didn’t change the default. We’ve only removed the ability to change the default. According to SEDE, we’ve got ~13k users with the fixed top ...
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Mobile font-size way too large

Just now, when reloading Stack Overflow on my mobile, the font sizes have been enlarged: I'm aware that the mobile views are deprecated, but this change doesn't look intentional. The font sizes ...
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“Prev”/“next” triangles rendered as Emojis on iOS devices [closed]

In the (default) Safari browser on an iPhone the "prev" and "next" characters in the links at the bottom of the questions page are rendered as Emojis, which looks quite ugly: The HTML source contains ...
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We’ve shipped some changes to the user profile navigation

The changes discussed and demoed in Additional profile refinements are now getting rolled out. We’re changing some layout before enabling responsiveness on user profiles. However, we can’t enable ...
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What is the “Responsiveness”? [closed]

In the site footer I see a link named “Enable/Disable Responsiveness”: It looks like some text/images are scaled when Responsiveness is enabled, but what does actually it do?
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When implementing a major design / workflow change, offer an opt-in beta testing option before release

As we've seen recently with both the updated user profile and homepage designs, it's difficult sometimes to gauge the impact that this will have on users' experience just from screenshots or a video ...
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How can I switch to the full site when the mobile view only has the "Mobile" link and doesn't provide the "Full site" link?

The mobile view has been deprecated since 14 Feb... or so it seems. Catija mentioned this on The Tavern, So... I have a guess... a few days ago we got rid of the mobile view, right? But we didn't get ...
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Link to own profile has disappeared

Maybe I am crazy, but I cannot find a way to get to my profile page anymore, while browsing from Android/Chrome. I think the profile link showed up after clicking on the logo in the top left. I tried ...
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Unfollowing a question triggers a "you're no longer following this answer" pop-up

Seen on mobile web, Brave browser version 1.27.109, Android 10, cannot confirm on other browsers (yet). Following, then unfollowing a question triggers a pop-up reading: You're no longer following ...
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Insert code in Stack Overflow mobile site [closed]

I'm currently accessing Stack Overflow through the mobile site (on a phone), and I tried without joy to insert a code block (seemingly, I'm not the only one who has had this problem). I tried to put ...
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