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Can we make post editors and answerers more visually distinct?

I genuinely mistook a post editor for a post answerer. Admittedly this was on mobile view (the layout, not the alternative site mode, as that mode has been removed as far as I can tell) but it's also ...
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Are there any updates on the project to make the profile page responsive? [duplicate]

In December 2018, there was some information gathering about what could be improved in the profile pages and settings; the page needed to be adjusted to fit the responsive design in any case, so it ...
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Italic text not recoloured correctly on mobile [duplicate]

On the mobile site, italic-formatted words in answers downvoted enough to receive the "greyed out" CSS are properly italicized but the font colour remains unchanged. See this answer on this question ...
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Why not have the editor with two horizontal panes instead of a vertical layout?

I was wondering why the preview is below the question's editor and not to its side? A long question may require scrolling up and down to check the layout. The window in which to type a question is ...
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Linked and related questions require requesting desktop site when on a phone

I searched but I don't think it was reported. When viewing a post on a phone (e.g. iPhone using Safari), the responsive design does not show the linked and related questions unless desktop site is ...
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Please allow me to decrease zoom on mobile

Since the new site design, when using mobile chrome, I can fit maybe a third of a question or answer on the screen at once, in giant lettering. I was able to get around it, by clicking "disable ...
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Are there recent stats available for browser usage, screen size, etc. for Stack Exchange site users?

I have noticed that the Stack Exchange layout is being changed from time to time and that it seems to get worse for the desktop users, a fact also mentioned in one of the top comments for the post ...
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An Overflow Blog page is over-sized and extends beyond the edges of my screen

The title and first paragraph of the Blog page A Day in the Penalty Box over-extends beyond my screen's margins while viewing it via the Google app on an Android phone1: I've not been able to ...
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4-Digit rep up Bug in Mobile Device? [duplicate]

Referring to this profile. (in mobile theme - in case the profile's front page is changed in the future, the issue is originated from this (stackoverflow) post) The 4-digit reputation up seems to be ...
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Server error after switching from mobile to full site [closed]

Being on mobile web and trying to post an answer with empty body properly shows me an error: This looks fine and friendly, until you switch to the full site from the bottom link on this page. ...
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Can't edit chat messages in the new - at least for 2016 - moblie interface [duplicate]

I can't edit chat messages as in the instruction menu (using the new interface; looks a little out-of-CSS but that's cool). I think they are not available. I know that Message response options symbols ...
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Not all posts featured here show up in the community bulletin on all sites, by-design or a bug?

Currently the community bulletin is filled with at most 4 posts according to this answer. Which also states: Additionally, up to two featured posts from Meta Stack Exchange will appear in the ...
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Out-of-view inbox items can still be selected in mobile view [closed]

This bug is weird and hard to describe, so I'll demonstrate instead. These screenshots are of the stock Android browser. You can click any of these screenshots for a full view. Here's my inbox (left),...
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"Close as Duplicate" dialog on mobile changes size [duplicate]

On mobile, the "close as duplicate" dialog adapts its size according to a nominated original with all its answers (with quite a lot of content sometimes if the original question is very ...
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"Add a comment" doesn't appear below a question but appears below an answer when not logged in [duplicate]

I was trying to check into the situation described in the recent question - Trying to comment on a particular question on the full site crashes Android Chrome I was not logged in. I was checking it in ...
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