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Inbox improvements are live

The feedback up until January 3rd, 2023 has been catalogued and handed over to the product team. Any further feedback or bug reports should be posted as a new question. TL;DR: The inbox improvements ...
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Essential Stack Exchange user scripts and the dependencies they utilize

As part of our discovery for providing a JavaScript API for user scripts, we want to know what user scripts you're currently using. This can be used to report user scripts that you use and the global ...
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Colors update: A more detailed look

A few months ago, we let you all know that in order to progress our goal of being more accessible, we would need to redefine our colors within our design system, Stacks. Before I walk you through the ...
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We're Migrating our JavaScript

TL;DR: We’re making a substantial repayment on our JavaScript technical debt. Apologies in advance for any bugs as we work through it! An administrative note: Rather than posting bug reports as ...
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Could we revisit/reconsider the lack of chat API?

It's a feature request almost as old as the network itself - here's a request for a streaming API that felt like it got off on the wrong foot, and a frustratingly cryptic answer from Jeff when asked ...
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To plugin, or not to plugin, that is the question. Or — will there be external plugin support in the new Stacks Editor?

To plugin, or not to plugin, that is the question, Whether 'tis nobler for the scripts to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of changes, And by ...
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Add the ability to show comments without adding a comment using keyboard shortcuts

This case mildly annoys me: I have a Q&A open. I see there are hidden comments under a post and want to expand them using the keyboard shortcuts. That is achievable by pressing C. Here is how the ...
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Add ability to open selected question in a new browser tab using keyboard shortcuts

On the homepage or /questions, one can press U, J, or K to select a question, then press Enter to open the question. Unfortunately, however, there doesn't seem to be a way to open the question in a ...
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Is there a keyboard shortcut to follow questions/answers?

Apologies if this has been asked before, I looked but couldn't find any mention of it. We can now follow questions and answers, which is great. Is there a keyboard shortcut to activate the feature, ...
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Is there an API that I can consume to detect the current release version of each SE network site?

Is there an API that I can consume to detect the current release version of each SE network site? For example, during the last 5 months the design of the sites has changed, and changes have been made ...
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Add a keyboard shortcut to bookmark a post

Is there a keyboard shortcut to bookmark a post? And if there isn't, could we add one? I bookmark posts very frequently (on Stack Exchange, not in my browser), enough so that I would really ...
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Add a keyboard shortcut to visit the Jobs page

On Stack Overflow, and on other sites like Robotics, there is a Jobs link below the other Questions, Users and Tags links, all of which have a "Go to" keyboard shortcut. Can we add one for ...
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Add keyboard shortcut for editing the list of duplicates

Users with a gold badge in a tag are able to edit the list of duplicates for a question. There are no keyboard shortcuts defined for this. For example, a rather routine task is to close a question ...
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New responsive Activity page

Update 2 - December 8, 2021: We’ve shipped a bunch of refinements over the last 24 hours or so. We’re going through the bugs and design requests and marking them with the proper tags. There’s a lot ...
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