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Can I ask for a recent feature change to be reverted in whole, and what are the chances of such a request succeeding?

(This is a general question and isn't specifically asking about one particular change.) In the current times, quite a few radical changes are being made to the Stack Exchange engine, such as the ...
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Is negative one plural?

Are grammatical mistakes a bug or not! It confuses me me (as I make the same mistakes myself). On the SO new questions list I see: The list is showing -1 as plural (-1 votes) but searching on Google ...
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Add HTML elements around the vote, answer and views numbers

As per the accepted answer on the recent design change announcement, it's clear that the old horizontal / column-based question stats layout is not making a return. To facilitate custom styles that ...
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Could the company explain how their recent actions fit in with the stated "commitment to rebuild relationship with our community"?

SE inc. has stated that they're committed to rebuilding a relationship with the community. Given this fact, I would like to ask the company to explain certain recent events. If you haven't already, ...
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Did the recent change in layout of question lists have an impact on site usage and if yes, how much?

Recently, a new post summary design and greatest hits page design was rolled out (and is expected to be extended to all other such lists of questions everywhere). It was met with strong disapproval ...
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How does a lay user of an SE site ever get to the Greatest Hits page? [duplicate]

I was recently made aware that there is such a thing as a "Greatest Hits" page for SE sites, due to this kerfuffle. But - isn't it effectively a secret easter egg? Are lay, regular users ...
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Will extra statistics be included in the new post summary layouts, and when?

Since Stack Exchange introduced and implemented the new post summary designs in January 2022; hundreds of users have voiced their dissent. But no one, as far as I could tell, actually referenced one ...
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Greatest Hits definition text should be more visible on all sites where dark mode is enabled

Similar to this post, the text: On the /questions/greatest-hits page for RU SO, ES SO, and PT SO in Dark Mode is too faint, too silvery. I'd like that to be changed to something like: Or (credit to ...
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Is vote count being less prominent an intended feature of the new design?

I don't want to judge the new design, although I think it desires a serious discussion on UX.stackexchange. What is striking to me, how less prominent the vote count has become. It's hidden somewhere ...
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Votes vs Score in review queue [duplicate]

The review queue gives the reviewer an indication of the post quality by means of the post votes (3 in this case): However, this is actually the post score (6 up-votes minus 3 down-votes = 3 score): ...
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Question Summary Text Outside Border

If text is formatted as code in a question and that text is used for the summary on the Questions page it will go past the border of the summary. Question Link I'm on Windows 7 64-bit, Chrome Version ...
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Is it valid to ask if or when a request tagged as under review or planned a long time ago will be implemented, or for its current progress?

Quite a bit of the time, many bugs I run into or feature requests I come up with have already been asked about on the site. These prior requests have received a positive response from a staff member, ...
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Missing space between bounty amount and remaining duration in user bounties page

This was previously reported as an answer to the announcement New responsive Activity page. However, the answer was posted more than two months after the announcement. The team only monitors ...
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MathJax layout problems persist in "All actions" tab and review queues

I'm seeing a strange MathJax layout problem on Cross Validated. Here's an example from the "All actions" tab of a user profile, but I've also seen it in the review queues as well. This ...
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Why does clicking twice on Show/Hide excerpts refreshes "Hot Network Questions" on the right side panel

I am currently participated in testing the new navigation. I just saw Sklivvz ♦ post Improving our navigation, the next iteration and thought of giving a try. I love the new expanded layout view and ...
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