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Updates to Privacy Policy (September 2021)

As you know, periodically we update our privacy policy. Today is one of those days: we've made a few changes to the privacy policy. The policy covers how we collect and use data on the entire network, ...
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We've added a "Necessary cookies only" option to the cookie consent popup

We’ve added a “Necessary cookies only” option to our cookie consent banner across, all Stack Exchange sites,,, and all other Stack Overflow sites. ...
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We’re adding more user controls for cookie consent

Update (Feb 8 2021): We’ll be doing some A/B testing with the consent interface. Once we’ve landed on a final design, we’ll use that design on all of our sites network wide. Additionally, we’re ...
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Stack Overflow is not trying to start audio

After a thorough investigation and inquiry, we were able to get an update on this. The ads in question were not intending to start audio but were rather checking to see if there was an audio player ...
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Why is the Google Analytics cookie defined as "strictly necessary" and saved without consent?

When you open a Stack Exchange site the first time you are asked about your consent for storing cookies. You can disallow all cookies except those that are defined as "strictly necessary". ...
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Stop tracking users without their consent

Right now, if you visit an SE site the following things happen: two cookies _ga and _gid are saved, those contain unique IDs used for Google Analytics a request is made to ...
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Replace Google Analytics with a transparent, privacy-respecting alternative

Earlier this year, Google announced that Universal Analytics (UA) will be going away and will stop processing new data after July 1, 2023. Stack Exchange currently plans to switch to Google Analytics ...
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Why do some sites in the site switcher have a long query parameter (e.g. "*i2ckzl*_ga*…")?

When I am on a SE site on the domain, and go to a site with its own domain such as MathOverflow, Ask Ubuntu, or Server Fault using the links in “Your Communities” or “More Stack ...
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Do Not Track header

Does Stack Overflow honor the Do not track header... or is support going to be added later? ...(it doesn't seem to honor the header at the moment).
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Will the tracking pixels replace the existing advertiser tracking?

The company has recently announced a change to its advertising practices: they plan to allow the use of tracking pixels by select advertisers. I am under the impression that this is merely formalising ...
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