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Cannot post comments on SE app on iOS [duplicate]

Although I can post fine from my desktop, on iOS I am unable to post comments (haven't tried an answer) on the SE app. "Request failed. Could not perform this request with your account. Please ...
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Not receiving push notifications anymore. [duplicate]

App Version: Device: iPhone 6 OS Version: Version 11.0.2 (Build 15A421)
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iOS app won’t show feed before ~1 month in the past. [duplicate]

When I scroll to the bottom of my feed, I get a “Request Failed” notification. As of posting this report, the feed stops June 8, 2016. App Version: Device: iPhone 5c (GSM) OS Version: ...
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Time for some more swag! [closed]

UPDATE: I just sent out emails to collect addresses from the lucky users getting these watches — be on the lookout for those, and try to fill it in the next two weeks! :) On occasion of our ...
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How do the Stack Exchange WebSockets work? What are all the options you can send to them?

The Stack Exchange WebSockets are handy for various things (like handling spam). For example, try running this JavaScript in your browser's console: var w = new WebSocket("ws://qa.sockets....
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API 2.3 Release

Today, we are releasing version 2.3 of the Stack Exchange API. It includes new functionality around Collectives and Articles as well as the ability to retract flags. Check out the Change Log.
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List of unlinked pages on Stack Exchange sites

Here is a list of special, unlinked pages (they may be linked in questions and answers) on Stack Exchange sites. Most pages listed here are work in progress or legacy. Currently, this list is ...
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Allow us to vote to delete from the Android app

Currently, the only way to vote to delete (and undelete, since you can't see deleted posts) in the Android app is to open the post in a browser, and then vote to delete from there. Can we get delete ...
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Turning off the mobile feed for the Stack Exchange app

Note: As of December 12th, 2022 the Mobile app infrastructure has been decommissioned As we've recently mentioned, we are no longer actively supporting our Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange apps on ...
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Why did the Stack Exchange Android app disappear from Google Play Store?

Stack Exchange developed two mobile apps: Stack Exchange app and Stack Overflow app. The Stack Overflow app has been delisted for a while from the respective store: What happened to the Stack ...
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Malicious app that misuses Stack Overflow trademarks is up on the Google Play Store

Today I came across an Android app which is misusing Stack Overflow's logo and name in the Google Play Store. Users have reported regarding the security issues they have faced and the developer has ...
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Why has Stack Exchange stopped working on the Android app?

Recently I started to post bug and feature-request for android-app, see: How do I make my post community-wiki using android app? and Trouble with advance searching using android app. After realizing ...
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How can I report bugs with or request features for the Stack Exchange mobile apps?

I'm using the official Stack Exchange mobile app for iOS or Android, and My app crashed! It doesn't look good on my new smartphone. It won't run after I updated my device. I noticed another bug. I ...
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Are more mobile app review or moderation features coming? [duplicate]

This is a little bit of a double-question. Is the mobile app for Stack Exchange (in particular for iOS) still being developed? Is there any hope for adding in advanced features for the various review/...
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Do Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange sites have an app I can use?

I like using Stack Overflow (or any other Stack Exchange sites) and was wondering if there was an app I could install on my phone or other device that would allow me to use the site on-the-go or ...

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