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How has the SE network management changed since Sept 2019?

In Sept 2019 a number of moderators and high rep users were disappointed, to say the least, with the management of the SE network. I ultimately stepped down from moderating and stopped participating ...
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Answer appears automatically converted as a comment

I posted an answer (pointing to another question already asked) but when I hit submit, I saw my answer appear as a comment to the question instead. I tried it a couple of times and still the same ...
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We need a dedicated plagiarism flag

On Stack Overflow, we've suspected the plagiarism rabbit hole was deep... but we've had some users who are plumbing the depths of that pit and finding out that it's far deeper than anyone realized. Up ...
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What to do when plagiarism is discovered

How should I act if I discover a user plagiarizing fellow users' posts? What if I find someone plagiarizing external resources without attribution? See also: Users are calling me a plagiarist. What ...
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Users are calling me a plagiarist. What do I do?

Other users have been leaving me angry and hostile comments accusing me of plagiarism and saying that I'm a liar and I should stop stealing answers. But I have only been copying content from other ...
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Is it acceptable to copy your own answer verbatim from an off-site resource?

An answer on Stack Overflow was recently brought to my attention as possible plagiarism, but I determined that the source of the suspected plagiarism was actually written and posted by the answerer ...
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Conditions for keeping reputation in case of post deletion

In an answer for Deleted Question: Impact to Reputation, it's quoted that reputation earned from posts with score ≥ 3 "visible on the site for ≥ 60 days" would be retained despite their ...
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What should moderators (or passing editors) do about suspected plagiarized or copyrighted images in posts?

I can't seem to find a canonical reference about Stack Exchange's policy regarding inclusion of images from the Internet in questions and answers. I'm not even sure whether this comes under copyright ...
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What should be done with questions that have been resolved as a comment instead of an answer?

I'm trying to go through and provide answers to every unanswered question (search "closed:0 answers:0"), somewhat following the spirit that was blogged about at The Horror of No Answer: ...
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Quora users (bots?) are copying a significant amount of Stack Exchange questions to Quora, without proper attribution [duplicate]

Quora users (bots?) are copying a significant amount of Stack Exchange questions to Quora, without proper attribution. It seems quite systematic. Examples from Are ...
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Why do some people answer in comments?

Why do some people post comments that are actually answers to the question? Wouldn't posting an answer be better?
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Are there highly upvoted, accepted answers that quote just a website? [duplicate]

I recall, but not where, some highly upvoted, accepted answers somewhere that merely quoted text from a website, save one or two sentences sourcing the quote. I ask as this answer (where I quoted a ...
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Do we have a policy about self-plagiarism?

The FAQ entry on plagiarism currently says In the context of Stack Exchange sites, any copying and pasting of any amount of text or code that wasn't written by you is plagiarism if you try, ...
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Answer or comment: what's the etiquette?

I very often see comments about a question posted as answers, e.g., "format it this way" or "why don't you post it over here". I think this practice clogs up the answers and the comment feature is ...