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Ban ChatGPT network-wide

Use of ChatGPT generated text for posts on Stack Overflow is temporarily banned. However, the reasons for the ban really apply to much or all of the network, and certainly for sites that are similar ...
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We are updating our Code of Conduct and we would like your feedback

Update, May 31st, 2023: The updated code of conduct has been released network-wide. A good Code of Conduct is a handshake agreement between users and the company. It is a document that inspires trust ...
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Is there a list of ChatGPT or other AI-related discussions and policies for our sites?

Lately, the use of ChatGPT on the network has become controversial, with Stack Overflow completely banning using generated text for content and several other sites considering bans. Could we get a ...
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Is uncited LLM usage considered a CoC violation under the Inauthentic Usage policy?

In the new CoC, there's an Inauthentic Usage policy that prohibits "Plagiarizing or copying content from websites, books, or other online and offline tools without proper attribution in a manner ...
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Is attribution required when using LLMs to improve the grammar/formatting of a post?

Let's say a user has posted a question/answer with the following content. The English is slightly convoluted but it's good content otherwise: On enormous territory of park there are lakes, rivers, ...
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Will original answers but translated by AI receive the same treatment as answers spontaneously generated by AI?

As announced on Stack Overflow Meta, the use of content generated by ChatGPT is temporarily banned. It was stated in Temporary policy: ChatGPT is banned Stack Overflow is a community built on trust. ...
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Is it allowed on SE to include AI (ChatGPT) generated output in the question post? [duplicate]

My initial understanding is that Stack Exchange currently bans ChatGPT generated answers. But is it allowed to include text that ChatGPT has generated as part of a question? As an example: Suppose I ...
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Please update /help/referencing on all sites to reflect the Stack Exchange policy that machine-generated text requires attribution

On December 12, 2022, animuson clarified that the rules surrounding plagarism on the Stack Exchange Network apply to all content not created by the poster, even if the work is otherwise not ...
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What is the proper way to attribute Large Language Models (such as GPT-3) when posting on Stack Exchange?

This is a follow up to Is attribution required for machine-generated text when posting on Stack Exchange? What is the proper way to attribute Large Language Models (such as GPT-3) when posting on ...
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People are using ChatGPT to answer my question, and I think this is inappropriate. Is it allowed? [duplicate]

People are using ChatGPT to answer my question, and I think this is inappropriate. I just saw a new user post an answer to my question: While the author did ...
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Shouldn't the ChatGPT policy be more explicit about what is and is not allowed? [duplicate]

The announcement of ChatGPT's ban only talks about the potential incorrect answers the AI could add to the site if allowed. However, I can think of more uses for the AI than answers. You focused on ...
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