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Incorrect/Misleading Defending the Unicorn Quiz Stipulations

In the attempt to save Sparkles there is a quiz. One of the stipulations is as follows: All answers are either integers or at most two words (no punctuation, spaces optional), case insensitive I've ...
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Suggestions for Winter Bash 2023

Winter Bash 2022 is going on right now, so why not use the opportunity to gather ideas/suggestions/corrections for next year? Please post your suggestions regarding how to make Winter Bash 2023 even ...
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Winter / Summer Bash 2022 Hat List ☃️ 🏖️

Winter / Summer Bash 2022 has started and the hats are listed below. As always, there are only two answers: one for the secret hats, and one for the regular hats. The secret hat list will be updated ...
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The Windows Phone SE site has been archived

TL;DR We are announcing that as of November 17, 2022, Windows Phone SE has been archived. Why now? The Stack Exchange network is a lot like a neighborhood. Each individual site makes up a house in ...
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How many SE sites are there? What about an "N sites and counting..." message at the top of

In this recent site meta answer I wrote There are almost 200 SE sites to choose from! But they vary in question rate and temperament. I actually took the time to count them the first time I used ...
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Bookmarks have evolved into Saves

Update Oct 6 Maintenance is complete: all bookmarks have been migrated to Saves across all network sites, including Stack Overflow. All saves, saved lists, private notes, and bookmarks are now ...
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Oh no! Can you find our unicorn? (Note: event has ended)

Once again, Sparkles the /unicorn seems to have gotten herself in a whole heap of trouble. This time she appears to have been kidnapped! oh where, oh where has my unicorn gone? oh where oh where can ...
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Can you help a poor unicorn to find its way back home?

Our poor /unicorn Sparkles got lost, and is stuck in a never ending loop of dashing and jumping. While it may be fun to watch him run and to make him jump, he does need some help to find his way back ...
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Should SE move in the long term to SLACK / DISCORD or chat alike system?

I didn't see any discussion alike and hence would like to check it out in case it is being discussed in the background by the fathers of the site. Many pro's and con's, personally I dislike it (real ...
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Invalidate reviews by known robo-reviewers

Today, I saw a known robo-reviewer get out of a well-deserved review suspension, only to continue rubber-stamping every review in sight again. Some robo-reviewers get review-banned 10 times or more, ...
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What are review tests (audits) and how do they work?

I sometimes receive this rather amusing message while reviewing in the review queues: Congratulations! This was only a test, designed to make sure you were paying attention. You passed. If I am not ...
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Why is there a limit on suggested edit reputation reward?

Why is there a 1000 reputation reward limit for accepted edits? I started to be more active in fixing code indentation, and other things, in Stack Overflow questions, and I was enjoying the fact that ...
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How do suggested edits work?

When clicking "edit" I see: Your edit will be placed in a queue until it is peer reviewed. We welcome edits that make the post easier to understand and more valuable for readers. Because ...