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We’re adding more user controls for cookie consent

Update (Feb 8 2021): We’ll be doing some A/B testing with the consent interface. Once we’ve landed on a final design, we’ll use that design on all of our sites network wide. Additionally, we’re ...
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What are the “spam” and “rude or abusive” (offensive) flags, and how do they work?

When flagging, there are two special case options: spam and rude or abusive. What is spam, and when should I flag content as such? What is considered offensive, rude or abusive content? How does the ...
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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) upgrade

Update Sep 14: GA4 has been enabled network-wide. Update Sep 8: GA4 has been enabled on Super User. TL;DR: We’re preparing to upgrade Google Analytics to version 4. A few months ago, the Google ...
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John Oliver calling out Stack Exchange cookie dialog

In the recent Data Brokers episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver showed this picture: (jump to relevant part around 18:57) which is of the Stack Exchange cookie screen. He said this: Privacy ...
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The cookie consent dialog (coming from keeps popping up

Recently, every time I hit a new page in Stack Exchange, whether it be the list of questions in a given forum, or a specific question, I get a pop-up like this: Your privacy By clicking “Accept all ...
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Why is the Google Analytics cookie defined as "strictly necessary" and saved without consent?

When you open a Stack Exchange site the first time you are asked about your consent for storing cookies. You can disallow all cookies except those that are defined as "strictly necessary". ...
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Off-site avatar images are a privacy risk

The user avatars that are displayed on every post are not all hosted on SE's imgur account, but on sources outside the control of Stack Exchange. The most prominent ones are Gravatar, Facebook and ...
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All sites have switched Ad Servers on October 1 2017

We have switched our 3rd party ad server from Adzerk to Google/Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) on Oct 1 2017 TL;DR: Because most of the work is on the back-end, you won’t notice significant changes. ...
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Include a "reject all" button in the cookies banner

Proposal The cookie banner should have a "Refuse All" or, to be more accurate, "Accept Only Essential Cookies" or "Refuse Non-Essential Cookies" or "[insert a label ...
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Is SE allowing ads to use fingerprinting to track users?

This is pretty much a follow-up to this meta announcement by SE. Ideally that announcement would have resolved the issue, but the language in it was vague and evasive, and there have been no ...
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Why is Stack Exchange using dark patterns on its cookie permission dialog?

It would appear as though Stack Exchange is employing a dark pattern in its cookie permission dialogs. Specifically, there are two buttons presented in the initial dialog. The colour depends on the SE ...
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Will the tracking pixels replace the existing advertiser tracking?

The company has recently announced a change to its advertising practices: they plan to allow the use of tracking pixels by select advertisers. I am under the impression that this is merely formalising ...
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The cookie popup on international sites has reverted to the old version

11 months ago, a "Necessary cookies only" option was added to the cookie popup. But currently this is not working on international sites. The name of the button is remains "Reject all&...
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The title of the featured question in the sidebar is bugged (again) [duplicate]

This is what I see in the sidebar now. This is the question in the picture, and the real title is: We've added a "Necessary cookies only" option to the cookie consent popup I'm using ...
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