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June 2023 Data Dump is missing

The data dump usually gets refreshed the first weekend of the month, every 3 months. The current data dump is still from March. Is there just a problem and it's delayed like in the past? Relevant ...
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Stack Exchange is failing its community

I guess this is very much an intervention. There's a few policies in the pipeline - here's one, and there's another one that's not been officially announced that a good many moderators are opposed to. ...
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What we really need to know to understand your community

Obviously, being there and seeing for myself is ideal, but with a network as big as ours, that’s not always possible. So please tell me: what’s one thing that you think it's critical to know, in ...
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Is SE [going to be] selling our content for AI model training? And what exactly does "reinvest back into our communities" mean?

Wired published an article titled Stack Overflow Will Charge AI Giants for Training Data. I read through it, and a few sections seemed noteworthy to me "Community platforms that fuel LLMs ...
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AI/ML Tool examples part 3 - Title-Drafting Assistant

This is the third in a series of posts that we’re using to show (broadly, directionally) some of the potential use cases for generative AI in the Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange environment.  ...
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Please bring back the Community Roadmap posts

When I began work on the now defunct Community Leadership Team in early 2020, one of our early initiatives was to share details on the work being done for the community from both Community and ...
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I log in and I find out I am another user. What are the privacy implications?

I just logged in after being off for a week and I found out I was in the profile of another user. I understood what happened because some notifications pointed me to this and this question. I ...
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Practical effects of the October 2023 layoff

I hope that by now you’ve all had a chance to read and digest the announcement and the blog post about today’s layoff. This was not an easy decision to make, nor is this an easy conversation to have. ...
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Why ask for questions and concerns if you aren't going to address them?

On May 3rd, staff posted an announcement on the Software Engineering Meta saying that additional ad space would be added to Software Engineering in the next week and to raise and questions or concerns....
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Do staff that leave SE still participate in the community or do they just keep their rep/status and become regular users?

I've seen a couple of Farewell posts. Do staff with high or low rep keep it after they leave the company as a status/symbol, or do they come back as regular users and just help the community?
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Former(?) staff member still listed as moderator on Area 51

It seems Nicolas Chabanovsky left the company? I am not sure if there will be an announcement like this one – if not, спасибо Nicholas for all the work you've done! Let me honor you with a bug report: ...
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What is the current (June 2023) status of the data dumps and the company’s commitment to them? [duplicate]

What is the current (June 2023) status of the data dumps, the API, and the Data Explorer? Will the company continue to provide them going forward?
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When picking articles for the company blog, can we please try to avoid posts that can be negatively tied to recent events?

Recently Stack Exchange found itself at the center of two new "incidents". Today's actions by Stack Overflow (May 10, 2023): Stack Overflow disclosed the reduction of its workforce by 58 ...
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Is there an expected duration of the status-review stage? [duplicate]

The tag info page for the status-review tag states: Indicates that the circumstances behind a bug report are set to be internally reviewed, or that the feature request contains merit to consider but ...
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New blog post from our CEO Prashanth: Community is the future of AI

For posts following this one, see: An example of a generative AI tool: Suggesting better question titles AI/ML Tool examples part 3 - Title-Drafting Assistant Stack Overflow will be testing a title-...
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