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Please add the ability to email questions and answers to friends

A friend and I were discussing the MVP vs. MVC pattern the other day (mainly in terms of "we don't know what MVP is and how it differs from MVC) and i found the question on SO discussing this. ...
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Adding Favorites to the Stack Exchange global inbox

We're considering adding favorite notifications to the global inbox, and are looking for feedback on the idea (as we're not completely sold on it). But first, some history. Favorites are kind of ...
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Prompt IE users to install IESpell when they first use the Markdown editor?

I read the following link, but for IE users the solution was a bit self serve and not explicitly documented as a step to follow that I have seen: Please add a spell checker to the Markdown editor On ...
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Add a dismissable spell check warning before posting a question

There already is a suggestion to Please add a spell checker to the Markdown editor, but since that is solved better by the browser itself, I suggest this: There is a lot of work involved for ...
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Spellchecker / grammar checker [duplicate]

There seems to be a fair few questions and answers on SE sites with simple spelling or grammar mistakes in them, and as I am the sort of person who cares about such things, I used to spend the time ...
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Automatic grammar fixing in questions and answers

I would like to add automatic grammar fix when posting questions or answers. For example, automatically capitalizes i's, when the letter is used as the word I. This is something seriously ...
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Spell Check for Stack Exchange [duplicate]

I have visited a lot of Q/A and Forum sites similar to this one. Many of them however had spell check. I don't see it as a must fix for the site; however if an automated engine/plugin could check the ...
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Enable spell check on title, search and tag input element

This is a repost of Spell-checking in question titles on Meta.Gaming, except that this post furnishes the necessary technical details for it to work. All input type="text" elements, by default, do ...
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Can we implement auto spelling correction, just 1?

This is a constant peeve of mine, to see posts where the asker seems to be working with a keyboard without the Shift key. I would like to propose that at the very least, the letter i alone outside of ...
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Is atrocious English a possible sign of rudeness?

Can atrocious English in a question be a potential sign of rudeness? Background: I'm wondering because of this question, but I'm not certain if the atrocious English is because the person isn't a ...
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Why doesn't Stack Overflow offer built-in spellchecking of new questions? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Please add a spell checker to the markdown editor. Why has Stack Overflow no tool for the checking of spelling when creating a new question?