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We're developing an software product that has both a community (free) and a paying version. The paying version has some features the community has not, but it's a fully functional application. We ...
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Can I use Stack Overflow as a product support community? [duplicate]

Before I start this may be a possible duplicate of this thread I was thinking about open-sourcing a framework I've built up over the years. Probably on github or google code but I really dislike the ...
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How can a company create a tag? [duplicate]

There is a lot of information about the topic related for creating a tag and I understand it. But my situation is as follows: Game Technologies is the company working on DICE+, a wireless dice that ...
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Can I forward my customers to StackExchange websites to ask their technical questions about my software? [duplicate]

Similar to what Google does for their Google Apps Marketplace -
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"host" a project QA at StackOverflow [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it okay to use Stack Overflow as the support forum for a product or project? I created a new project in Bitbucket but it doesn't support forum or mailing list capabilities. ...
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New tag for the health interoperability standard FHIR [duplicate]

FHIR ( is an important new standard from the health interoperability standards organisation HL7 (hl7). We'd like to use Stack Overflow as a forum to answer questions about this ...
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How can we get questions regarding our server through Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

We are an academic lab that developed several online servers. Is there a way we can have people ask questions about the servers, and answer them directly on a Stack Exchange site (Bioinformatics, for ...
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Using Stack Overflow to discuss problems faced in a new software product [duplicate]

I have been working on some open source tools on github and there are quite a few number of people using it at the moment. The problem is that everytime they want to ask something or don't understand ...
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Any chance to create a new stackoverflow Tag for commercial product? [duplicate]

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Has any specific policy about acceptability of links to Stack Overflow from third parties been adopted? How does the StackOverflow community feel about this kind of thing? I came across this ...
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Where do I ask a question with no obvious site? [duplicate]

I have a question on Microsoft Partner Network benefits but I can't find an obvious site to ask the question without probably getting down-votes. Should I just pick a site and hope for the best? My ...
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Is Stack Overflow suitable as a support tool for an open-source project? [duplicate]

I'm thinking about running an open-source project and the absolutely crucial part of it is community support. Is Stack Overflow a suitable environment for user support? I don't mean having an issue ...
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Can I use a SO tag in lieu of hosting a developer forum for my licensees? [duplicate]

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Tag without Question [duplicate]

I am developing new framework that will be released soon. I want to use Stackoverflow as my support site. If anyone got question he should ask it here. Also I want to suggest people to use some ...
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