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Why is there a blue border around focused textboxes now? [duplicate]

I noticed that in all Stack Exchange sites, when I focus any textbox, there is now a very visible blue border/outline around it. Was this outline intentionally added, and if so, what is its purpose? ...
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The Follow Questions and Answers feature is now live across the Network

We are happy to announce that the previously announced follow question and answer feature is now live across the Network, including Stack Overflow, all Stack Exchange sites, and all Meta sites. (...
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Our Design Vision for Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network

For those who don’t know me, I’m the Director of Design at Stack Overflow. I’m responsible for the team of designers who work on the public sites. The visuals of Stack Overflow and the network sites ...
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Too small search bar and the search icon/magnifying glass is shown twice while viewing sites in portrait mode on mobile

The search bar (with drop-down) in the top bar isn't responsive. It also is duplicated, which means it takes up an unnecessarily large amount of space on Stack Overflow with the AI text:
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SE chat is completely inaccessible to keyboard-only users

Keyboard-only access is an important part of accessibility. In my case, it's simply because my mouse has stopped working, but there are many people who rely on webpages being keyboard-only friendly to ...
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Remove border from non-textbox elements when focused

The recent design change of adding a visible border around textboxes when they're focused is a good thing IMO. However, when applied to elements such as radio buttons, it can just look weird, e.g. in ...
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Visual focus on the comment flag icon seems to have vanished when tabbing

When I'm using tab to move the focus around on the page, most things have a visual indication of where the focus is (which is a relatively recent change; thank you). I often use this to flag comments -...
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Upvoting comments from review queues often fails because t.state is null

When I try to upvote comments on review items from various queues network-wide, sometimes it works, but sometimes it fails. When it fails, a numbers sign # gets appended to the end of the review item'...
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Close search "help" box on unfocus

I don't specifically require any accessibility features, but I prefer to use the site with my keyboard sometimes. When I tab through the link/input fields the help box that appears below the top-bar ...
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Strange color change when clicking the vote button and holding the mouse

I upvoted a question today and saw than when clicking the upvote button, there was a strange color change to a blue color that seems to be consistent across all sites. Example taken from Stack ...
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Hide search tooltip when focus moves away from search [duplicate]

I wanted to test out the new focus styles using the guidance on this comment. When I tabbed into the search box, the tooltip showing how to search popped up, which is fine. But when I tabbed out of ...
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New colors launched

November 21, 2023: To help with internal managing issues, you may see a reference number added next to the status tag on your post. These numbers don't determine the order or priority of issues but ...
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