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Options to Port Answers on Closed-as-Dupe Questions [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Allow high rep users to migrate answers from one question to another Many times, you spend time answering a question, only to find that the question was actually a dupe. ...
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Are duplicates creating broken windows?

I think the Eternal September is dooming Stack Overflow to have the same questions asked over and over again, and the people who don't want questions closed are winning. Why don't people want ...
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Lost my motivation after 3000 points

So now that I've gotten past 3000 points on Stack Overflow, I don't feel much incentive to keep playing. Nothing new will happen until 10000, which seems unachievable. Shouldn't there be something to ...
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Is "closing for duplicates" still relevant/realistic on Stack Overflow?

Disclaimer: I only use SO from time to time, so this is only based on a "light" view of it. Also, this is not a question about "should we close as a duplicate?". The answer is obviously yes. This ...
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Fear of Closing

I'm now have trepidation about closing, since that's the first step to deletion, and we all know how that's been going. I have always tried to do my part to close questions that deserved it, but feel ...
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Why are duplicates not being merged?

I see more and more exact duplicates on SO. Instead of being merged they are being simply closed. I think this is very big disservice to SO. Why don't moderators merge duplicates? Why don't owners of ...
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Can moderators be allowed to move answers to other questions piecemeal?

A similar request resulted in our sane merge process. That works great if the questions are really duplicates and if all the answers apply. But sometimes the Venn diagram looks more like this: If ...
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Does closing as duplicate lose new/better answers?

I have answered a couple of questions that then got closed as duplicate of a previous question. In almost all of those cases I didn't see the original question come across Stack Overflow so I didn't ...
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Link previous questions to newer duplicates

Sometimes when there are duplicates, the newer question gets answers that are relevant and weren't mentioned in the first question. If merging is not suitable (for instance, a relevant answer would ...
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Give ability to move own answer from duplicate to canonical question

Consider this scenario: A question, X, is asked. An expert reads the question and checks it is not a duplicate. The expert writes a good answer, A. That answer really is good; it receives up-votes. ...
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Allow undelete votes before deletion occurs

Like the feature-request that's out there to allow reopen votes to be cast simultaneously with close votes, let's allow undelete votes to be cast simultaneously with delete votes. I've noticed a few ...
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Should users be able to move their answer to a more appropriate question?

The question Learning Ruby (On Rails) - Need Starting Advice basically asks two questions: Should I learn Ruby first, and then Rails, or learn them both at once? What's the best way of learning about ...
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"Merge" an answer from one question to another

Existing merge tool Moderators have the ability to merge two questions together, by declaring one question the "master" and one the "to-be-removed". During the merge (AFAIK), all ...
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Update Notification for Questions and Answers Closed-for-Dup

I would like to encourage users to look for dup questions before posting questions, and users to look for duplicates rather than throwing in new answers or copying answers from the dup and pasting ...
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