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Could post annotations be put next to their posts instead of after the comments?

A post that has earned the "sources needed" annotation usually (in my experience) has several comments explaining what the problems in the post are. These comments are still relevant (until the ...
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Can we put more detail into the descriptions of badges?

Some of the badges (e.g. cleanup) do not have readily understandable descriptions. (What is a rollback, in terms of SE?) I automatically think to click on a badge I don't understand, to learn more, ...
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Lack of nonpublic project description option

The Stack Overflow Careers profile allows to user to specify the executed projects and that's great, but the problem is that in order to add a project description you have to provide a link to the ...
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'Duplicate accepted' banner suggests there are multiple originals

When you 'accept' a duplicate target for your question, the question will be closed and a banner will be shown: Great! We'll associate your post with these questions so future visitors can easily ...
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Can the tooltip text on the tag scores be improved?

I hovered over the number, and it took me a few moments to realize what the tooltip was saying (still not sure I really understand it). The wording could be better. I believe it was saying: You ...
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Make [glossary] a synonym of [terminology]

This was already discussed on What should we do with [glossary]?. There is only one answer which is proposing this, it has +15 / -0. glossary has 8 questions, no tag excerpt no tag wiki terminology ...
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Can a link to the glossary be added to the SO faq page?

So today I was wondering what the meaning of the term score was as relating to questions and answers and had to look it up in Meta Stackoverflow only to find that there was a glossary. Could it be ...
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Show Hot Network Questions on Unanswered Questions page

On the Unanswered Questions tab on the questions page (for example the list of Hot Network Questions is shown underneath the Related Tags ...
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Vote Count Wrapping Issue on Some Questions in Android App [duplicate]

In the Android app, the vote count on some questions gets wrapped. Thanks to Doorknob's comment I've found that it doesn't appear to be on just those with double digit negative vote counts or those ...
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