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Should I tag the question with a similar tag? [duplicate]

For example, I have a question about C++11. Then, should I also tag the question with a c++ tag? Are there any guidelines on this kind of situations? Also, if I don't mention the c++ tag, will my ...
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What is serial voting and how does it affect me?

I just noticed that I lost a bunch of points from my reputation score, and I used the "reputation" tab on my user profile page to try and track down the cause. During my investigation, I noticed ...
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A proposal for tag hierarchy on Stack Exchange sites

Executive summary Introduction of sparse hierarchy (partial inheritance relation) into the set of tags on Stack Exchange sites, in order to allow more efficient question organization/filtering/...
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Official repository of tag synonyms [closed]

The purpose of this page has been obsoleted by the implementation of the tag synonym feature request. See the list of currently implemented tag synonyms. Purpose I think it would be a good idea to ...
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Could we make tags imply other tags?

The prime example is C# and .Net. 95% of C# questions are also tagged .Net. The reverse isn't the case so it's not a synonym. Basically, C# is a child of .Net. Would it be possible to create some ...
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What are the guidelines for using version-specific tags?

I believe that some of my questions were asked before but I didn't find any satisfying guidance. I just found only this question. I hope senior members will help me to understand the situation and use ...
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Why is there a limit to the number of tags?

Is there a reason for the limitation of 5 tags? I find folksonomy incredibly useful and often times I caught myself retagging someone's post where I don't want to remove one of their five, but merely ...
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Should the amount of possible edit suggestions per day be limited? [duplicate]

As a reviewer noted nicely: User is editing too much post today. Obviously not interested in content but in reputation Not exactly a valid rejection reason in general, but said user suggested many ...
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The flip side of no minor edits

While I agree that minor edits as implemented are a bad idea, there are many questions that simply have bad English, but are still intelligible. Fixing them is usually something that I would call a ...
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How to ensure that questions get super tags?

By super tagging I mean for example adding tags such as visual-studio to a question tagged visual-studio-2010. Why this would be desirable: it is easier to ignore / follow a single super tag rather ...
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Can folks that edit tags make sure they preserve the information that they would be editing away?

I have noticed that some folks edit the tags associated with questions to make the tag more generic, like converting netbeans6.8 to netbeans. I think this is a good thing. BUT, most users/askers do ...
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Tagging the language when only the library is tagged

I keep tabs pinned for the JavaScript section of StackOverflow as well as Code Review in my browser. During free time, I browse through some questions. Especially in Code Review, where it's a desert ...
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How should variants of C++ be tagged? [closed]

Should questions on Stack Overflow which are related to c++-cli, c++-cx or other C++-derived languages be tagged c++? Should they be tagged with both c++ and the derived language? Or should they be ...
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Should we have FAQ style questions for tag related terms coined by the community that are commonly used across SE sites?

I have being participating and reading discussions about tags. On some of these discussions the OP included a tag term that looks easy to understand like "hyphenated tag" (a tag having an ...
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