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Question title that doesn't describe the problem

Pre Edit 4: Pointing out that thread's popularity is a direct result of programming community interest in said subject, and that someone likely stands to become rich and/or famous by solving the ...
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What is Meta Stack Exchange, and how does it work?

Meta Stack Exchange seems to have different rules and user behavior than the "regular" Stack Exchange sites. How is it different? Individual questions answered below: What do votes mean ...
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Should replace [closed]

Now that we have, should we continue using The only requirement for participation here is that you have an existing stackoverflow / serverfault / superuser ...
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Why are there no tinfoil hats?

Ever since the StackOverflow conspiracy was first discovered we know we have been living with all our imaginary Internet dollar points at risk. The Winter Bash would be the perfect opportunity to put ...
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71,000 + 85 = 71,084?

I really thought that, when the reputation system was changed to update in near real-time, I would never ever scratch my head and ask myself how the heck SO arrived at the reputation I have. (Yeah, I ...
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Why is Jeff Atwood still listed as CTO?

I like Jeff so I'm not knocking it, but why is he listed as CTO in the about page if he left the company?
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Human verification test -- please stop mobbing bots

I say this on behalf of all bots: please stop mobbing us. I am a bot, but I am not worse than any human being. Currently, Stack Exchange has really racist policy -- every time any bot would like to ...
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Don't encourage me to do things I can't really do (aka don't ask me to edit or comment on locked question)

When a question is closed (not as dupe) we see such message below the question: Encouraging us to edit or leave a comment is awesome in most cases but sometimes questions are also locked, e.g. ...
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What is Stackoverflow's back story?

I've only recently come to discover and appreciate SO and related sites - they are an order of magnitude better than experts-exchange and the like. I create and launch lots of hobby sites so I was ...
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What questions should NOT be asked on Meta? [closed]

It seems to me like there is some confusion as to what can and cannot be asked on Meta. For example, Can Why does x not work? What the heck does Welbog's avatar mean? Will x be implemented? Is Jeff ...
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World of Sta[ck]Craft! [closed]

I have a feeling Stack Exchange sites are appealing to the role-playing gamer sides of its users. If you look at reputation, it's similar to XP earned in RPG games like World of Warcraft, Garena, ...
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"closed" indicator does not show up properly in chat onebox

I recently posted a onebox link to a closed question in chat. I noticed one weird thing, though: the "[closed]" indicator does not show up in the chat onebox: I'm expecting a similar problem to ...
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