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Why can't you exchange points for dollars on Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

As I see it, Stack Exchange is a marketplace for the exchange of ideas and for collaborative consumption. When a user submits a question and an expert answers it correctly, the expert gets rewarded ...
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Gratuitous editing [closed]

Someone changed "MSSQL" to "SQL Server" in one of my questions. I don't care enough to fix it, but I think it's a fairly good example of pointless editing: the question is about obtaining metadata for ...
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Could community wiki answers be worth a few points?

Would it be possible to have community wiki answers with over 100 or so upvotes to be worth at least a couple points? Maybe 100 is not the right number... any thoughts?
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How to find un-well-answered questions, of which I see a pattern?

The pattern goes : high question score, low top answer score. SE doesn't list it as unanswered. The asker often understands to some extent that no good answer is or will ever be provided, yet the ...
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Monetizing SE bounties?

I often use and to ask questions. However, the questions I ask typically tend to be too advanced for Math.SE but too trivial for MO. Since typical MO ...
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