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Vim questions: do they belong to Stack Overflow or Super User?

Where do Vim questions belong? It seems pretty clear to me that they belong on Stack Overflow, because: Vim is predominately used by programmers. It's already clear that IDE-related questions go ...
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Can we have a ruling on LaTeX on Stack Overflow?

(Note, this isn't a duplicate of Where should a question about LaTeX usage go?, as the answers focussed on a specific question asked, which was about how to format bibliographies in LaTeX.) It seems ...
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Inconsistent policy on emacs?

A while ago, I asked this question. The answers seemed to suggest that if the question is about emacs rather than about lisp coding or whatever, then it should go on superuser. So I had a question ...
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Where should a question about LaTeX usage go?

My first instinct is Superusers, but on the other hand, you could say that writing stuff in LaTeX is programming in a DSL. But then you have questions about typography, styles, and you have questions ...
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How to get Emacs gurus to visit Emacs questions on other Stack Exchange sites than Stack Overflow?

As reflected by Can we please have a ruling about Emacs questions on Stack Overflow? and Emacs questions: Super User or Stack Overflow? Emacs questions are scattered over the Stack Exchange network. ...
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Can we please have a ruling about Emacs questions on Stack Overflow?

It would be great if we could decide which Stack Exchange site Emacs questions may go to. A recent Emacs site proposal was closed on the grounds that it was redundant. However since Emacs is both ...
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What site should host questions about Emacs keybinding?

Currently on Stack Overflow there is a question about Carbon Emacs keybindings. It has received a (very reasonable in my estimation) vote to move to Super User, but there are already several similar ...
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How to move a question from superuser to stackoverflow?

Yesterday on I asked a programmer-productivity question about the existence of a feature in the Eclipse IDE. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get a response along the lines of "yes,...
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How do you efficiently paste code from your IDE, if it contains tab characters

It has been said before, that the SO editor is great, but has some drawbacks when pasting code which contains tab characters, see e.g. Improvements to editor for formatting source code That's alright ...
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Are questions appropriate for specific SE sites off-topic in SO?

In this question on LaTeX on SO, dmckee edited his answer to suggest the Stack Exchange site for answering questions on TeX and LaTeX. Now, LaTeX has always been a slightly uncomfortable fit on SO, ...
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