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Is there plans for an IM Capability? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: instant messaging on SO SF SU I have just had the experience of asking a question on server fault. I then was informed that it belonged on superuser. So I deleted the question ...
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Can I hit on someone? [closed]

I know you must think I am very weird, but I once met a user I liked on Stack Overflow that answered one of my questions. If I asked them for their number (through the comments), would I get banned or ...
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Licencing code snippets

A little while ago I provided an answer on Stackoverflow that someone liked and asked me via private email if he could use portions of it in production code, which I was happy for him to do. What is ...
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Why is there a threshold to add a comment? OR Why can't we send private messages?

Update When I went to see if Kolachi had responded to my response to his question (i.e., what started this question initially), his question was no longer there and at the bottom of my response was a ...
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Let's fix this user's About Me section!

Today I saw the profile of a user who is obviously a non-native English speaker, but is contributing useful questions and answers and I thought it would be nice to quietly fix the grammar in their ...'s user avatar
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Is there too much "user meta"? [duplicate]

It seems like half the questions I click on these days are full of comments or even "answers"* that don't relate to the question, but instead are complaints about the poster's other questions, demands ...
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User profile comments

Related Posts: Private Message Feature Any way to send a personal message to another user? I was thinking about this post. and I thought being able to leave a comment on a user ...
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Contact other users in some circumstances [duplicate]

The feature to contact other users has been requested many times before. There is even a protected question on the issue! Valid reasons against such a feature include not wanting SO to morph into a ...
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How can you nominate someone other than yourself for being a moderator?

The nomination just began, and I'm a bit confused. I hear "nominate" and don't think "nominate myself." I have no desire to be a moderator, but I do have people I think would do well in mind. Any ...
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Send Question To User Tags

I'd like to see SO implement user based tags like delicious. For example, if no one is answering my question, but I know Scott Hanselman would know the answer I could tag my question "for:shanselman"....
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How to interact with a moderator in this/other sites (technical/specific instructions)

How can I interact with a moderator? what specific actions are available for interacting with moderators, and how (literally, which page do I go to, what do I click on, etc) to perform these? ...
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Visitor's Page for Account Profile [duplicate]

Just an idea for an Account Profile. If one visits another's profile page, he/she may leave a comment on the profile page. It may be thankful words or general comments about this user. I think it ...
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Do you think SO turns you into an answering machine by disallowing personal communication? [closed]

It is forbidden to send private message to users. It is forbidden to leave comments that are not related to the question. It is allowed only to answer questions. Do you feel that these constrains are ...
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can I share my personal contact with users?

If users ask my personal contact for projects, can I give them in Stack Exchange?
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Is there any friend system on Stack Overflow?

As far as I know, Stack Overflow is positioned as a bit social networking service. So, is there a friends system here? Or at least a private messaging system?
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