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How should I inform a user I'm using their answer in a book?

I used my popular question Do Projects Ever End Early? as the basis of a book I wrote. (Available for free, for a limited time, here.) What is the appropriate protocol to inform the 14 users whose ...
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How to interact with a moderator in this/other sites (technical/specific instructions)

How can I interact with a moderator? what specific actions are available for interacting with moderators, and how (literally, which page do I go to, what do I click on, etc) to perform these? ...
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Can I hit on someone? [closed]

I know you must think I am very weird, but I once met a user I liked on Stack Overflow that answered one of my questions. If I asked them for their number (through the comments), would I get banned or ...
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Am I or anyone else allowed to comment in a question of mine requesting an answer from a particular person? [duplicate]

I am not talking of a Quora style requesting for an answer, but am I or anyone else allowed to comment in a question of mine requesting an answer from a particular person? Example, Persons_name I ...
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I want to chat with a specific user to ask them a question, how can I do that? [duplicate]

I want to ask a question to a specific user on Islam.SE, but I don't have the reputation to create or participate in chat. How can I ask my question to this user?
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Common reasons why your meta post may be negatively received

Alternative title: What kills meta This post functions as a complement to How can I participate in meta and not die trying? As you may already be aware, meta is one such grim place where disagreements ...
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How do I check if a question author has found an (unposted) answer in the meantime?

How do I check or ask whether somebody has found the answer to their own question? (I do not have enough reputation points to post it as a comment.) Note that this is not the question about getting ...
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Contact other users in some circumstances [duplicate]

The feature to contact other users has been requested many times before. There is even a protected question on the issue! Valid reasons against such a feature include not wanting SO to morph into a ...
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Allow personal messaging to pro members of stack community? [duplicate]

Pro members of stack community have great knowledge to answer most of the queries which are asked by users. Not only I want to subscribe to their every answer and comment they upload I also want to ...
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Why there is no direct interaction to other members on a SE site? [duplicate]

When I know my question is resolvable by a specific user, how should we notify him/her? I heard there is no direct interaction to the person. Why not? Its not an personal message I'm asking about, ...
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Share my email in chat, user to user [duplicate]

Many times people share their email to another user in the chat room, for personal purposes and even for community purposes, for instance: translation coordination (all this happens at least in Stack&...
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Can I mention OP in my answer?

Is it useful to mention OP in my answer for attracting OP and getting his/her feedback fast? For example, I'm the first person to answer OP's question now I want to get OP's feedback fast by ...
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"Bouncing" an old question of other user - not enough reputation to comment

I'm new to Stack Overflow (only read till now, that's first time I join to ask), so please correct me if that's not the suitable place to ask this (from what I saw it's the closest to suit). I ...
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Why doesn't Stack Exchange have ask to answer facility like Quora? [closed]

Regular users of Quora will be aware that when someone asks a question on Quora, he/she can ask this question to any specific person on Quora using the Ask to Answer facility provided by Quora. But ...
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How to send private messages or locate a specific user? [duplicate]

I'm a 17-year-old girl living in Mexico and dreaming of studying at a university in Romania. I speak Spanish and English and am trying my best to learn Romanian, and I can hardly find anyone to whom I ...
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