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Is editing a question into an entirely different question allowed?

If your question has no answers and only downvotes, are you allowed to completely change the question? For example, someone might ask this: Should I begin programming with VB.NET or C++? Then later ...
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Can I edit a question to make it clearer when an answer asks for clarification? [duplicate]

This question addresses the specific case where an answer asks for clarification of the terms of the question thus it is not a duplicate question The following question has been reworded to make it ...
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What is the XY problem?

What is the XY problem? When asking questions, how do I recognize when I'm falling into it? How do I avoid it? Return to FAQ index Other languages: ES, JA, PT, RU
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How can we help users who repeatedly ask similar questions or update constantly?

Before I ask my questions, I need to describe two types of low-quality users. Type P: A type P user will post a block of code, possibly with a stack trace, and text that boils down to "this doesn't ...
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How do I ask long clarifications on an answer?

Someone has left a thoughtful answer to my question. I have a bunch of clarifications, and for now I've left these as a set of long comments. Is this the appropriate way to do this, or should I have ...
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How can we responsibly direct users with serious mental health issues?

I am not talking about people with borderline personality or spectrum disorder issues (like rudeness), rather behaviours like paranoia and depression. A recent question on Ask Ubuntu highlighted that ...
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Reset question grace period once an answer has been posted

When answers are posted within a question's initial grace period, it is possible that further edits could completely change the question (see "chameleon questions"), and render those first few answers ...
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If I pose a question and later learn the premise was wrong, is it best to edit the question or leave it?

If I ask a question about a data structure saying 'I currently have data structure X, how do I do Y with it?' and someone answers with 'You actually have data structure Z, this is how you do Y with it'...
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Evaluating importance of the question

TLDR: Split up voting, and only give reputation when question is concluded (answer is accepted). Then award reputation based on activity after, by people who revisit the topic and vote. DISCLAIMER: ...
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Changing some part of the question after asking [closed]

Sometimes it is like we ask the question and after some answers or comments we notice some of the drawbacks of the question. The feature will let you some part of the question, not the whole question. ...
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Can I replace a closed question which has no answers or comments?

If I have a closed question with no answers or comments, can I edit the question enough that I make it an entirely different and better question?
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Bounty System Fixups, OR: Come see us in Bounty System 2: The Search for More Reputation

It's an open secret that, for the past three weeks I've been mining the Featured Questions tab on SO as the basis of my reputation. It's been lots of fun (and really, isn't that the point, while ...
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Can I ask another question based on the previous question and its comment?

I don't know if it is duplication but I wanted to make another question which is modified based on my previous question and its comments. For example, I posted a question about a claim and its proof. ...
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What should be done with a closed question that has been completely rewritten?

This question was originally a closed as "not constructive"- in its original form, it was asking which of three R machine learning packages was best. The author has since edited the question so that ...
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Button to show the version of the question as of when answer was posted / last edited?

Sometimes when reading an answer it doesn't seem to correspond entirely to the question asked, and if I want to find out why the procedure then becomes: Scroll up to the question again Check if it ...

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