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Can I ask another question based on the previous question and its comment?

I don't know if it is duplication but I wanted to make another question which is modified based on my previous question and its comments. For example, I posted a question about a claim and its proof. ...
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Should I revamp my own question or ask a new question?

Some time ago I asked a question regarding iPhone iframe widths at 100% and and in the end I found the solution myself. However now I had to deal with the exact same issue regarding iPads and in the ...
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How best to deal with users who cannot generalize

I've not been able to locate any current topics on this. What is the best way, overall, to deal with a user who seems unable to generalize? they ask for help with a problem where they need to add 1+2....
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Add the ability to search for questions with less than a given number of answers

Sometimes I try to search for questions that meet certain criteria (rare tags, high score) that haven't been answered well, and try to answer them. However, currently I can only search for questions ...
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How do I Contact the downvoter [duplicate]

I have posted an answer for this question: implementing OnItemClickListener, but onItemClick doesn't work At the time I posted the answer the questioner set the onClick Listener for the button, ...
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After answering questions and also being accepted require to help if questioner gets in some other problem?

We should help them if they get in other problem? Like i answered the question in accordance to question which was asked. My answer was also accepted. Now, after some time e.g. hour, day or two. The ...
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Question got edited to duplicate of another question, after answer accepted

Yesterday, I came across this question about HTML5 cache manifest with no answers. I read through the question, quickly checked against the corresponding Wikipedia article as a reference, and found ...
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Badge suggestion: Editing your own answer after it is accepted

I'm not suggesting that this is a major problem that needs to be addressed, but the thought process does cross my mind sometimes, and I have certainly seen many examples of it: After someone accepts ...
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