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On frustration provoked by questions where the answer is "that's not possible"

I recently had my first really bad experience on Stack Overflow. It started right after I filed a question on Passing a table expression to a table-parameterized function (regarding SQL ...
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"Now that you've solved A, I'm stuck on closely related B" [duplicate]

Imagine a situation: an SO user is complaining about inability to create and sprox a woodget. The question title goes: "Help, cannot create a woodget". Code snippet inside: woo = new Woodget("foo"); ...
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How can we responsibly direct users with serious mental health issues?

I am not talking about people with borderline personality or spectrum disorder issues (like rudeness), rather behaviours like paranoia and depression. A recent question on Ask Ubuntu highlighted that ...
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Why was this question locked? [closed]

I would like to know why the following question was locked: Ajax.ActionLink in MVC3 not working I was trying to gather more feedback from the user to understand the behavior described in his question ...
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Speculative answers discouraged through downvoting

I have found a few cases when I try to answer someone's question based on my best understanding of what they are asking. Sometimes, I have made some assumptions based on their vague descriptions, or ...
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Change to question invalidates my answer, what to do?

What should I do if a question has changed since I answered it? The other members vote my answer down because it actually doesn't answer the current question. This kind of editing sometimes happens ...
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Is this considered abuse on SO? [closed] This question, for whatever reason, has rubbed me the wrong way. The OP asked a question about how to have ...
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Should I use existing questions to "ask new ones" when in a question ban?

So maybe this is obvious, but if I'm in a question ban and I can't ask new questions yet still have things I would like to know about, should I edit the old questions I have and completely replace ...
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Please don't ask us to act on other websites in a way you made impossible on yours (aka be fair about nofollow)

Currently ToS requires, that when we reuse content from Stack Exchange sites: You will ensure that any such Internet use of Subscriber Content Hyperlink each author name directly back to his or her ...
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How to deal with "debug my homework" questions? [closed]

How can we deal with people who use SO as an interactive debugging session? The typical scenario is that a user (typically low rep or far more questions than answers) posts some a answer to their ...
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Edited question makes answers incorrect

Here's the situation- someone asks a question, accepts an answer, and then un-accepts the answer, and edits the question, making that answer and other existing answers incorrect... I've tried to ...
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Is it good etiquette to stall accepting an answer just to raise the visibility or advertise your question?

I am a user in several SE sites and I regularly observe the following situation. There are posts with many good answers and the OP stalls to accept any of them. First of all I am aware that: When I ...
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What is a statistically significant number of up-votes?

Up-votes and down-votes are intended to indicate whether the Stack Exchange community feels a particular answer "is useful", as explained in the FAQ: "When should I vote?". How many up-votes does an ...
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Is editing a question into an entirely different question allowed?

If your question has no answers and only downvotes, are you allowed to completely change the question? For example, someone might ask this: Should I begin programming with VB.NET or C++? Then later ...
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Should answers that are significantly edited after being accepted be flagged?

There is a question that I answered a while back, that I find myself looking at every now and then. Recently I noticed something that changed about the accepted answer. Here is the question: what ...
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