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What to do when you realize you've stepped into the quicksand?

I answered this question this morning. At the time (and having only the question itself as a reference) it seemed like one of those simple things where a newer programmer might not quite get what ...
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Is it ok to ask a new (related) question in the comments?

The case is simple: I asked a question. It got answered with all the information requested. Then I realized a little bit more info would be handy. Should I ask for it in a comment to the accepted ...
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Generic privileges: what do you think about it?

I don't know if someone else already asked something like it but I'm new in this community and I think that it could be a good idea to create generic reputation for some privileges. For example, for ...
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How should we deal with an answer that answers the question, then follows up with another question?

Once in a while, I come across an answer, often flagged as not an answer, that says something along the lines of: After fiddling with my code for a bit, I found that changing the Foo() calls to Bar() ...
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Doesn't the asker have the right to modify his question?

I just came across a question where the question asker slightly modified his question but was not allowed to! Here's the revision history. It was pointed out to the asker that one of his code ...
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How to respond to "but I don't want to do it that way"?

What is the right way to respond to "I don't want to do it that way"? It happens like this: OP asks a question to achieve X. I supply an answer to solve X within the boundaries stated in the question....
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Philosophical thought: The question as asked vs. the question as meant [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Answering a Question Vs. Solving a Problem People don’t always say what they mean. I’ve run into cases that go something like this. The question was quite clear on what it ...
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Down-voting an answer in light of an edited question

Regarding: How to do a Full Outer Join using old style Oracle syntax For a high-quality question with high-quality answers, we want the answers that are correct for the question as it stands to float ...
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What should you do when people keep extending questions?

Take Visual viewport vs Layout viewport on mobile devices for example. He keeps asking for new information in the comments, even when I have answered his initial question. This person has also re-...
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Why was the selected answer changed after two years? [duplicate]

In linq how dynamically pass table and column name Two years ago, my answer was selected. Today, I get a -15 with no comment, and no indication of a user action. I don't know who did what. This is ...
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What should be done with a closed question that has been completely rewritten?

This question was originally a closed as "not constructive"- in its original form, it was asking which of three R machine learning packages was best. The author has since edited the question so that ...
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Politely refusing to provide a laborious implementation of my detailed algorithmic answer

A user asked for a complex algorithm. I answered in detail, which took me some time. The user then mentioned (politely) in a comment that he would like me to provide code. Writing the code would take ...
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How to Ask a question which is a continuation [duplicate]

How to ask a question if it is a continuation of a question I asked before? Should I edit my question and ask, or ask that as a new question?
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Can I replace a closed question which has no answers or comments?

If I have a closed question with no answers or comments, can I edit the question enough that I make it an entirely different and better question?
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Consecutive visited days counter does not increment unless page is refreshed

I have observed this happening on every browser except for IE. I don't use IE. I have been continuously visiting a few StackExchange sites for many days now. Every day I feel like going to my profile ...
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