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Can I edit a question to make it clearer when an answer asks for clarification? [duplicate]

This question addresses the specific case where an answer asks for clarification of the terms of the question thus it is not a duplicate question The following question has been reworded to make it ...
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How do I ask long clarifications on an answer?

Someone has left a thoughtful answer to my question. I have a bunch of clarifications, and for now I've left these as a set of long comments. Is this the appropriate way to do this, or should I have ...
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Evaluating importance of the question

TLDR: Split up voting, and only give reputation when question is concluded (answer is accepted). Then award reputation based on activity after, by people who revisit the topic and vote. DISCLAIMER: ...
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If I pose a question and later learn the premise was wrong, is it best to edit the question or leave it?

If I ask a question about a data structure saying 'I currently have data structure X, how do I do Y with it?' and someone answers with 'You actually have data structure Z, this is how you do Y with it'...
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Changing some part of the question after asking [closed]

Sometimes it is like we ask the question and after some answers or comments we notice some of the drawbacks of the question. The feature will let you some part of the question, not the whole question. ...
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Can I replace a closed question which has no answers or comments?

If I have a closed question with no answers or comments, can I edit the question enough that I make it an entirely different and better question?
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Can I ask another question based on the previous question and its comment?

I don't know if it is duplication but I wanted to make another question which is modified based on my previous question and its comments. For example, I posted a question about a claim and its proof. ...
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Button to show the version of the question as of when answer was posted / last edited?

Sometimes when reading an answer it doesn't seem to correspond entirely to the question asked, and if I want to find out why the procedure then becomes: Scroll up to the question again Check if it ...
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Is it good etiquette to stall accepting an answer just to raise the visibility or advertise your question?

I am a user in several SE sites and I regularly observe the following situation. There are posts with many good answers and the OP stalls to accept any of them. First of all I am aware that: When I ...
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Edit wars with new users

Note: I am not trying to Kumbaya a new user's way in; I want to see any suggestions as to how edits might end the edit war on the post, instead of a simple lock. Besides, my first question is about ...
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What is a statistically significant number of up-votes?

Up-votes and down-votes are intended to indicate whether the Stack Exchange community feels a particular answer "is useful", as explained in the FAQ: "When should I vote?". How many up-votes does an ...
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Should there be an option to ask "sub-questions?"

I have run into multiple situations where I will ask a question and then a comment or answer will raise another related question. However, it seems that simply adding the new question in the comments ...
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How / whether to revert an edit to a question by an OP when lacking reputation to revert

After I posted an answer and engaged the OP in comments, he edited the question so my answer now makes no sense, and added to question. It doesn't look like I have reputation to revert edits, and I'm ...
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Unethical tricks to answer questions

I am writing this to address something I have (suspect I have) seen happening lately. Note an easy question that you can solve. Down vote it but don't flag it. (this is a guess but rings true) Use an ...
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Fixing comments in 5 minutes. Intrigued? Let's discuss

I made a quick change to Area 51 recently, and it had a profound effect on how people used that site, so let's discuss. Background: The basic building blocks of every SE site are the QUESTION and the ...
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