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Question got edited to duplicate of another question, after answer accepted

Yesterday, I came across this question about HTML5 cache manifest with no answers. I read through the question, quickly checked against the corresponding Wikipedia article as a reference, and found ...
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Interesting issue with an accepted answer that I've never encountered before [duplicate]

So, I answered a question a few days ago, and it was accepted. Then today, the OP decided that it did not fit his requirements and removed my answer as the accepted answer. He said that he did this ...
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How to handle topic changes in comments? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Exit strategies for “chameleon questions” See here. It's a new question I think and I don't see why not to answer it. But it only came up in the discussion. Is ...
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Questions within questions within questions [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Exit strategies for “chameleon questions” What I don't understand are people trying to get MORE than they asked for. Sometimes I have to answer 6 questions ...
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Question "Scope Creep" [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Exit strategies for “chameleon questions” The only way I know how to describe this is as scope creep so I apologize if I've overlooked a duplicate question. This ...
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What should be done against self-adaptative questions? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Exit strategies for “chameleon questions” How can we help users who repeatedly ask similar questions or update constantly? I've seen today at least three cases ...
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What should I do when I want to add additional questions or scenario to my question? [duplicate]

For example, let's say I've asked a question like this: "If I've broken my arms, what should I do?" Someone answered "If you have money, you may go to the clinic." In fact, the answer-er have ...
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Badge suggestion: Editing your own answer after it is accepted

I'm not suggesting that this is a major problem that needs to be addressed, but the thought process does cross my mind sometimes, and I have certainly seen many examples of it: After someone accepts ...
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How to handle question where asker changes conditions? [duplicate]

What do I do with a question where it becomes clear the asker didn't give enough information in the first place? Scenario: Asker asks, we answer. He won't accept any of our answers and says something ...
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How to handle a question that is being edited to make a new question? [duplicate]

The question how to retrieve or search user from as400 using ldap connection? has been edited many times and the original poster is continuing to use the same question to ask new questions. I have ...
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Reasons to not answer follow-up questions asked in comments [duplicate]

I'm often helping new users with problems they have while getting started with a particular software. After having solved one problem, it is not unlikely that they run into another problem. The follow-...
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What if the question is answered but the poster of question reedited [duplicate]

After the poster re-edited his question. sometimes make the answers are not coincident with question. How to deal with this kind of problem. thanks.'s user avatar
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How to deal with OP comments which go off-topic? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Exit strategies for “chameleon questions” There have been a few times now when I've answered a question correctly, and the OP has marked my answer as correct, but ...
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How to handle questions which change / evolve / involve troubleshooting? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Exit strategies for “chameleon questions” This happens to me a lot, especially on ServerFault. I'll look for some examples from SF and post them later, but for now,...
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OP getting me to do the work for them over time [duplicate]

I've answered this question for a new user that wasn't originally worded like a "do my work for me" type of question, but has since turned that way through discussion in the comments. They have ...
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