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How to increase quota for questions? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: 50 question per month limit? I hit the limit of 50 questions per 30 days. How I can increase my quota?
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Limitation on submitting a question, is it an explicit request to create a new account?

When I was trying to ask a new question in Stack Overflow, the following message has been shown: Oops! Your question couldn't be submitted because: Sorry, you are only allowed to ask 50 questions in ...
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Filtering out questions from unregistered users

I am getting (slightly) fed up with all the questions of (mostly) unregistered users, which go like: 'I want this or that, please implement my code' or 'Here is my code, what is wrong?'. I agree that ...
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Do deleted @replies still show up in the inbox anyway?

I apologize in advance if I am having trouble understanding if there is a Q/A already in place and if this is a duplicate as a result. It sounds like deleted comments not showing up is intended. ...
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Is it OK to only ask questions? What is the percentage of users always asking questions, and users always answering? [duplicate]

Ethics: I started really programming 94 days using Mathematica. I learned with 2 friends and SO. I asked 74 questions yet all answered with generosity. Sometimes I feel guilty only "asking". Then I ...
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How long does it take until account unblocked [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What can I do when getting “Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account”? From few days ago I am blocked, I think the cause for indirect question ...
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Where to post (share) all of my Generic programming functions?

Much times I can see exists some usefull posts in stackoverflow and meta which are not questions, are posts to show something to the people, for example little tutorials or something similar, sorry I ...
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Should deleted/closed questions count towards 6 questions in 24 hours rule?

I believe that even deleted or closed questions count towards the maximum of 6 questions allowed in a 24 hour period. I don't think this is fair because you may not be aware of a duplicate which ...
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How do I group my questions?

The questions I have asked until now in Stack Overflow were related to my first project; now I will start my second project and I am sure I will ask many questions as usual. To quickly find these ...
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A question about the limit on the number of questions that can be asked [duplicate]

This may seem to be similar to other questions asked on this site, but I feel the answers given there do not answer my query. Hence this question. For 3-4 days now, I have been unable to ask ...
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Change "You can only ask 6 questions in a 24-hour period" to non-positive scoring questions only [duplicate]

I'm getting this message: You can only ask 6 questions in a 24-hour period I understand we don't want users flooding the stack. However, when these 6 questions are good, then why not allow the ...
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Add a section on rate limiting to the Help Center

When I read the post (assembly: what is the return value exactly doing?), the user mentioned that he had hit a maximum number of posts. I looked at the help page but didn't find anything. The help ...
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Do numerical limits on questions apply to a single site or across all SE sites?

I know that I can ask only six questions within a 24-hour period on, say, Stackoverflow or meta (or 50 in 30 days). Do these limitations apply across all SE sites? That is, can I ask seven questions ...
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A specific question has been revised 16 times...what to do? [duplicate]

I have a specific situation for which I require the input of the community before I take action, because I am not confident enough in my evaluation of the situation to take the appropriate action. I ...
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Does the question cap apply over all sites, or does it operate per site?

For instance, can I ask 4 questions here and 4 over at English, in the same day?
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