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How does a new user participate on meta SE? [duplicate]

As a new user who joined after lurking for about a month, I'm finding it difficult to actually participate. Is there anything a new user can do here, or is it better to participate on other sites ...
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Why do I get so many downvotes? [duplicate]

I am new and getting lots of downvotes. Can you see what I did wrong in these two examples? Help would be very much appreciated. Show your work: one simple trick to make meta effective Posts ...
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How do I ask a good question without getting struck by the hammer of downvotes? [duplicate]

I've been asking questions here for 8 months and every time I try to ask a question it either gets downvoted within 10 minutes and people say that "you're just looking to gain reputation" ...
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How can I ask polling questions regarding the UI on SE sites without them getting closed? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I participate in Meta Stack Overflow and not die trying? If I ask a polling question (on MSO) about how to improve the SE Graphical User Interface, or what aspects of ...
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Does the down voting of questions and answers on the Meta site serve as a mechanism to discourage the free exchange of ideas by more vocal members? [duplicate]

Does the down voting of questions and answers on the Meta site serve as a mechanism to discourage the free exchange of ideas by more vocal members? I'm aware that many might consider this a duplicate ...
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Where shall I post? [duplicate]

I am completely confused with meta. When I post a question people scream that it is duplicate and downvote. And they recommend me to comment the original post. If I do they downvote and scream it is ...
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The Many Memes of Meta

Catchphrases and concepts that spread from person to person are known as memes, which, courtesy the Internet, can now explode across the Earth like a highly contagious virus (hence "going viral&...
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A "friends list" on Stack Overflow would be nice

I think it would be nice to have a "friends list" on Stack Overflow. This would allow us to be able to follow the questions and answers that are posted by users that we want to watch/monitor. I ...
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A Proposal for More Constructive Downvoting on Meta: Express Disagreement by Answering the Question

Downvoting legitimate questions on Meta because one disagrees with the question's premise has become a bit of a problem. Question bans on users asking legitimate questions are a real possibility. ...
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What is up with the waffle fetish? [closed]

Setting aside the fact that waffles were created in the seventh circle of hell, cause suffering and apocalyptic horror wherever they are witnessed, and are instruments of pure evil, where did the ...
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Show your work: one simple trick to make meta effective

Every day, good-hearted people come to these sites and run into serious problems. And then you come here or to another meta site, seeking to propose a solution to the problem you've encountered... And ...
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How does Meta Stack Exchange work?

Meta Stack Exchange seems to have different rules and user behavior than the "regular" Stack Exchange sites. How is it different? Individual questions answered below: What do votes mean on Meta? ...
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Help this poor spammer out

I don't think this guy deserved to get his answer deleted as spam. Martin'Vobr vas Rebex linked to a product he makes as an example of a library to accomplish the task the OP sought, and did so in a ...
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How should we fix or refute the charges made in "Why stackoverflow sucks and participating there is impossible"? [closed]

I found "Why StackOverflow sucks and participating there is impossible" on Google. One point is: New users are more likely to want to “dip their toe into the water” than to jump into a pool. In ...
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How do I get attention for old, unfixed bug reports and feature requests without official responses here on Meta?

I posted a question here on Meta Stack Exchange, or on a per-site meta, regarding a bug I found in the system. I got no comments, or a few comments stating that this is a legitimate bug (and not by ...
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