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Tag description

Is it possible to have an optional brief tag description? To sum-up what could go in it or simply what they are about. edit: For example knowing what can/should go in the "development" tag. Or ...
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Why does Stack Exchange have social media sharing?

What motivation(s) does Stack Exchange have for social media sharing? Is it: To enhance the experience of the person viewing the page? To increase the number of people visiting Stack Exchange? If ...
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Could good deleted questions find a new home on Quora?

Should Stack Exchange cooperate with Quora, migrating SO questions that were deleted as off-topic or subjective, but are much loved and useful, to their site in a concerted effort? Along with the ...
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Customizable Notification Preference Panel

This is certainly not a new idea, and could be improved into a bigger pref pane, but here it is: Global Inbox Site Summary E-mail RSS * reputation [ ] [x] ...
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Subscribing to receive notifications at a fine-grained level

This old request is now [status-completed], but it was not implemented in the way proposed, with the ability to subscribe to specific answers and comment threads. I'm proposing to move it back into ...
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Is there a way to unfollow notifications on a particular post

Sometimes one would want to not get notified about comments or answers that they would normally get notified about. I was wondering as to the reason why this feature is missing. Is it because of the ...
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Allow users to disable auto-login

(This is essentially a rebuttal idea to this feature request because as stated, it's not possible to implement.) What I'd like is the ability to manually control which sites I'm automatically logged ...
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Could Google Profiles get a "big button" for login?

By "Big Button" I mean one of the same size as the Google button. This would be good for 2 reasons. It would encourage users to investigate and use Profiles, which would allow them to take advantage ...
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Aggregate User Feed Feature

Could we add a feature to that aggregates updates (posted questions, answers) from specified users? Not a friend list, but something like a 'wall' for followed individuals? This would facilitate user ...
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Is Quora's "Limited Distribution" a good model for separating out controversial content?

Stack Exchange generates a lot of controversy about which questions should be on topic on a particular site. Quora recently introduced limited distribution for certain tags which prevents questions ...
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Send authors a courtesy copy when questions or answers are deleted

Please see this question for additional background. A feature request for granting users the ability to see their own deleted questions and answers was filed in 2009, and was denied, which enraged ...
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The 'X' to close the vote-to-close box is in the wrong place

It should be to the top right - like it is in all the other websites and programs - and where people expect it to be.
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What are the most useful competitors to the individual StackExchange sites? [closed]

This question could be useful to have answers to, for two purposes. For users: alternative sites to go to if they don't get a good answer (or any answer) on a StackExchange site. For the owners and ...
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