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Four-year old question with 48 upvotes and 81 stars just got deleted [closed]

I had often referred to this question (for <10k) and last time I checked, it had 48 votes upvotes, 81 stars and 11 answers, with a total of over 100 upvotes. Today, after the question was live for ...
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Send authors a courtesy copy when questions or answers are deleted

Please see this question for additional background. A feature request for granting users the ability to see their own deleted questions and answers was filed in 2009, and was denied, which enraged ...
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Could good deleted questions find a new home on Quora?

Should Stack Exchange cooperate with Quora, migrating SO questions that were deleted as off-topic or subjective, but are much loved and useful, to their site in a concerted effort? Along with the ...
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Is there a way to unfollow notifications on a particular post

Sometimes one would want to not get notified about comments or answers that they would normally get notified about. I was wondering as to the reason why this feature is missing. Is it because of the ...
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What makes Stack Exchange different from Quora? [closed]

What makes Stack Exchange different and unique from other Q&A sites? Why would someone use Stack Exchange over say Quora?
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Is Quora's "Limited Distribution" a good model for separating out controversial content?

Stack Exchange generates a lot of controversy about which questions should be on topic on a particular site. Quora recently introduced limited distribution for certain tags which prevents questions ...
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Why does Stack Exchange have social media sharing?

What motivation(s) does Stack Exchange have for social media sharing? Is it: To enhance the experience of the person viewing the page? To increase the number of people visiting Stack Exchange? If ...
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Customizable Notification Preference Panel

This is certainly not a new idea, and could be improved into a bigger pref pane, but here it is: Global Inbox Site Summary E-mail RSS * reputation [ ] [x] ...
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Aggregate User Feed Feature

Could we add a feature to that aggregates updates (posted questions, answers) from specified users? Not a friend list, but something like a 'wall' for followed individuals? This would facilitate user ...
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Adding Favorites to the Stack Exchange global inbox

We're considering adding favorite notifications to the global inbox, and are looking for feedback on the idea (as we're not completely sold on it). But first, some history. Favorites are kind of ...
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Subscribe to user's activity [duplicate]

I would like to "follow" one specific Stack Overflow user. By following I mean I'd like to find the "follow the question" + "follow the user" features Quora has. For example: follow this user's ...
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The 'X' to close the vote-to-close box is in the wrong place

It should be to the top right - like it is in all the other websites and programs - and where people expect it to be.
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Allow users to disable auto-login

(This is essentially a rebuttal idea to this feature request because as stated, it's not possible to implement.) What I'd like is the ability to manually control which sites I'm automatically logged ...
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What are the most useful competitors to the individual StackExchange sites? [closed]

This question could be useful to have answers to, for two purposes. For users: alternative sites to go to if they don't get a good answer (or any answer) on a StackExchange site. For the owners and ...
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What are the main competitor sites to Stack Overflow?

What are the main competitor sites to Stack Overflow? I'm aware of Experts-Exchange and several forum sites that I use for C#, however this question is more about sites that cater for all programming ...
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