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Technical site integration observational experiment live on Stack Overflow

Final Update (2020-4-22): This experiment has concluded and is now turned off. Thanks for your feedback. We have just made an observational experiment live on Stack Overflow that will test out three ...
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Regarding the high number of rejected migrations from Stack Overflow to Server Fault

Currently, there is a 40% (updated Nov 9, 2012) rejection rate on migrations from Stack Overflow to Server Fault. Here are some samples of rejected questions from the last few days: This rejected/...
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Why do we need the trilogy instead of just one site?

As I see it, the only effect of having three sites instead of one is that questions in Server Fault and Super User are seen less and answered less. This just causes audience fragmentation ...
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Please don't migrate low-quality questions to other sites

A question was migrated to ServerFault that made many of the more active members scratch their heads: The ...
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Adjust the system to slightly discourage migration over other close reasons

I think the system needs to start proving a slight disincentive to migrate questions relative to simply closing them. I believe this is necessary since it seems like questions that are off topic ...
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Cannot Close as "Belongs on Serverfault"

This question seems to belong on Serverfault. When I vote to close, I'm presented with the options: is off topic ...
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Bandwagon effect in close votes

I have suspected this for a while, because in the review queue I often see questions people have voted to close as "not constructive" that several people have marked as "not a real question", and ...
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"tags philosophy" vs the SO/SF/SU split [duplicate]

Ode to tags Let's say pygtk doesn't compile for you on osx due to an obscure automake error. Would you send it to the python mailing list? or perhaps to the gtk mailing list? etc. No, you ask it on ...
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Should posts in all caps be auto-converted to lowercase?

This was asked on SO a few minutes ago, where the title and the entire question were in all caps: FIREFOX AND YAHOO INCOMPATIBLES — JUST HOW DEEP ? Would it be a good idea to auto-convert posts ...
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How to migrate old questions to a new graduated site

Preamble Since their introduction, migrations have been largely well received, but still cause some problems, typically in the area of folks migrating questions to sites they didn't understand or ...
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Make it easier to use Code Review as a chocolate bar burial facility [closed]

For questions that are off-topic for Stack Overflow, 3K users can vote to close them as belonging on several Stack Exchanges, but not to the Code Review one. Can this be made a possibility? Knowing ...
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The migration system is broken. What do I do about questions that get moved and shouldn't?

For example, there is this question about headphones while programming. It was posted on Stack Overflow, where there was another question just like it (about headphones for a noisy office. 3 people ...
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