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Duplicate questions on other SE sites? [duplicate]

I recently asked a question on The question was related to XSS so in my opinion it belonged to the security website. There was a comment on the question saying that a ...
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What about questions already answered elsewhere? [duplicate]

What should we do about questions that are already answered on another SE site? I'm thinking of this one example answer. It's normally done that way when the link is external to SE, or it's normally ...
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What to do about the same question on multiple sites? [duplicate]

There have been many questions that ask if a user is allowed to cross-post a question on multiple sites, and the general conclusion is that they are not allowed to do so. However, sometimes there are ...
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Are similar questions allowed on two sites? [duplicate]

Are questions which are basically the same sites allowed on on two Stack Exchange sites? For example take a look at these two questions from Server Fault and Super User. Server Fault What is the ...
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Can I post the same question to both StackOverflow and ServerFault? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What to do with cross-site duplicates? Sometimes I am confused by which audience is best to ask the question for. For example, I'm currently having a series of questions ...
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Cross-stack duplicates? [duplicate]

Today, I saw this question on Super User. The first comment pointed out that it had been answered on StackOverflow. Would it have been appropriate to flag the SU question as a duplicate of the SO ...
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What should I do with question that has been answered on another site? [duplicate]

I have reviewed the following question and answer What's the policy on marking questions as duplicates? As part of the community, what should I do when I find questions that have been answered on ...
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Closing duplicates between StackOverflow and StackExchange [duplicate]

I have found a question on SO, which is very similar to a question on the SE community ( I have tried to create a flag with the standard flags for it, but it seems ...
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What’s the Accepted Procedure for questions that have been answered on another Stack Exchange site? [duplicate]

“Vim74: E149 Sorry no help for help.txt” on Stack Overflow seems (to me) to be asking much the same question as “Vim - errors E433 No tags file, E149 No help for help.txt” on Super User. That second ...
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What to do when my question has a duplicate on another Stack Exchange site? [duplicate]

What should I do with my question: Should I use different method names or overload parameters in Java? Since it appears to have been answered on another Stack Exchange site: Should we rename ...
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Cross-site duplicates [duplicate]

What should be done with cross-site duplicate questions? There is this question about a certain XNA issue:
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Closing a question as duplicate of a question on sister-site? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What to do with cross-site duplicates? This question on stats.stackexchange has several duplicates on stackoverflow (see the comment for one). In truth, the content does match ...
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Should there be a way to close a question as a duplicate of a question from another site? [duplicate]

We had this question on Home Improvement. How can I remove insulation ink from copper wire so I can weld it in place? Which is a duplicate of this question from Electronics. How do you remove ...
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How to handle duplicate question from another server? [duplicate]

I found basically identical questions - I saw one on SO and immediately saw something rotten in the state of Denmark because this question has definitely been asked before. So I went and googled it ...
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How to deal with duplicates between different SE communities? [duplicate]

What if a certain question is asked on a specific SE community, but has a duplicate on a different SE community. Should it be possible for those questions to be linked to each other? Or how should ...
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