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Strange deleted user with name?

Usually deleted users show up like this. Their posts are disassociated and anonymized leaving only a user card with their user ID, like this: Users can also request disassociation: However, I came ...
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Add an option to recall moved questions

Occasionally we observe posts erroneously moved from one site to another. Unlike a standard question closing there's no option to undo this action for high-rep users. When a question is closed, rather ...
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How necessary are the child meta sites? [duplicate]

Can they all be amalgamated into the main site with their own tags? The reasons I can think of that this is a good idea are: There are a lot of questions on the child meta sites that are duplicates ...
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How to find duplicate questions across on SE sites?

If a question is asked on one of SE site and ditto same question is asked in another SE site, How can one find out? How to find out if such duplicates exist?
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Should a question be posted on the site with the most expertise or the most interest?

Should we give priority to interest or expertise when choosing where to post a question? A question may be of more interest to users on one Stack Exchange site, but the users on a different site may ...
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Allowing straightforward duplicates to be linked from main meta to specific meta

This question is not about cross duplicates among all meta sites, which is discussed here: What to do with cross site duplicates? There are certain duplicates which are too straightforward to be re-...
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Questions that cross over between SO and SF?

I have a somewhat obscure question about the impact of a specific connection string property on SQL server and its effect on the application: JDBC connection to very busy SQL 2000: selectMethod=cursor ...
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Would a "Related network questions" list be possible and worthwhile?

The scopes of many sites overlap, e.g.: English Language Learners and English Language and Usage; AskUbuntu and Unix and Linux; Math, MathOverflow, Cross Validated, and Mathematica; and any language ...
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Should I paraphrase the cross-site duplicate when posting it as an answer?

This Stack Overflow question had an answer on Software Engineering. After reading this answer here, I went ahead and posted an answer, since I feel like that question is on topic on both sites. In ...
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Allowing a question to appear on multiple sites [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it possible to post questions across a couple of the sites because it's debatable which site it fits best? Yes, many potential duplicates of this: What to do with ...
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Can questions on different Stack Exchange sites be marked as exact duplicates?

This question on Health Beta seems to be the same as this question on Skeptics SE. They both were well-received and have several answers. Can, and should, anything be done to link them together or ...
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Are there conflicting answers about what to do with cross-site duplicates?

The two questions below appear (to me) to duplicate each other, and provide conflicting answers: What is the proper way of dealing with a question that is a duplicate with a question on another SE ...
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